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Simple Recipes "for bachelor"

How to cook steamed omelet

How to cook steamed omelet

Most of us, at the mention of the word "steamed omelet" find two different, but very consistent association: this is particularly diet (and that means quite tasteless) and it is very difficult (read – preparing for a long time). Therefore, this simple step will immediately try to break these two stereotypes and give you to your collection of quick and easy breakfasts another "signature" dish.

Scrambled eggs with zucchini

 Scrambled eggs with zucchini

The story of scrambled eggs with zucchini, among the dishes that I have ever prepared, is as old as the world, "foggy" morning in a strange apartment, almost empty refrigerator, but very hungry. A time trying to buy something, and the more prepared, are sorely lacking, as half an hour to start lectures at the university, which is not what shirk, they can not be late for a minute, because of this the key depends on the exam score. So quickly take himself in hand, hastily wash, brush our teeth and go straight to the kitchen to dream and invent, from what is available. Sounds familiar, does not it?

Omelette with tomatoes

Omelette with tomatoes

Seeing the title, scrambled eggs with tomato, I was just going to write, my wife snorted and added that there is nothing unusual about such things ordinary and everyday dish that many of us, certainly, is prepared for breakfast. But the answer is that it is completely made up my youngest son, eight years old, and I just commented on, helped and took off, affected and forced to temper justice with mercy. And having seen the final picture appetizing, asked "only repeat that the resulting practical experience and make for her the same thing." So "on the heels" son of my mother fed a delicious and simple breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with onion

Яичница с луком

Scrambled eggs with a bow for a long time, and it seems to me, without any prospects for a different perception and analogy, the breakfast has become a symbol of all the bachelors of our huge planet. And the reason, as you know, this three:
• Simplicity;
• Speed;
• and nutritious.
There is another quality - a very, very pleasant taste, but how to make it more interesting, it will tell in the end.

Grilled sausages

Жареные сосиски на сковороде

Cook these sausages fried in batter "Sparklers" I demanded from the younger son. And when I tried to find to find something suitable, the first thing he saw his inspiration: short story on Channel in the "test purchases". However, there used to him Viennese sausage smoked in a natural casing, which he can not stand.

Spaghetti with cheese.

Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

Just specify the preparation of this simple and unpretentious dishes - spaghetti with cheese, it's home building on work my eldest son. And he was preparing his own really, from A to Z. And Dad (me) was in the role of a strict jury consultant and mentor in one person, who still all removed, then cut, and wrote. But best of all - he received for his creation a solid top five in the classroom, and I have tasted it and pudding.

Recipe noodle soup with chicken

Рецепт супа лапши с курицей

Recipes, which prepares the noodle soup is very, very simple, you can even say primitive, but at the same time very, very tasty. It will repeat almost every rookie, but he has successfully become a subject of pride for even experienced cooks. Therefore theoretical experience to become practical, just cook it.

Canapes with herring

Canapes with herring

I will not have to certify that the preparation of these canapes with herring takes only a few minutes or a minimum of time. And all because the beets for them long enough cooked and pre-cooked and "accidentally left in the fridge" - it's like a grand piano in the bushes: all can be, but it happens very, very rarely. 

Sandwiches with canned fish

Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

These simple fish sandwiches I strongly associated with student years when the abundance of food was not available because of the price and the time to cook confined intense learning process. But even with such constraints, these fish sandwiches (more precisely - with canned fish), were "nail any feast." However, years later, I still cook them, the more so that everything about everything you need less than 15 minutes. 

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