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Poultry dishes

Pozharsky chicken cutlets

Pozharsky chicken cutlets

Crisp outside and tender chicken inside – one sight of these seductive russian chicken cutlets  hints true feast for the stomach! To enjoy these fragrant Pozharsky cutlets, cooking them yourself is imperative, because sold in stores are diggerent of their original flavor.

Chicken homemade ham

Chicken homemade ham

The recipe for this chicken ham just want to start by apology: why I didn't cook it "on camera", but only "ate it under my pillow." It's so tasty, so simple, and so naturally (especially in comparison to the purchase of hams) that I will not ask myself rhetorical questions, and just go to the kitchen and make this amazing dish again.

Russian Chicken cutlets - Tenderness

Russian Chicken cutlets

When the eldest son asked what I cook, or rather – what is it and what is included in the composition of these chicken cutlets Tenderness, he immediately exclaimed: "it's an ordinary chicken nuggets". Not going to argue with him (I know that's just a futile exercise), but it is a completely different dish. Though the source - chicken breast - for them is the same. But the fact that these cutlets are much tastier and much more interesting – no doubt.

Pastrami chicken breast

Pastrami chicken breast

Many of those who somehow knows and loves to cook (and not just something from concentrates and semi-finished products), often with fear and distrust relate to all kinds of sausage. And when you find a recipe that allows you to somehow move away from this "quick Breakfast" toward natural, but at the same time – delicious food, very quickly goes to the kitchen to repeat it and try out.

Dietary chicken breast cutlets

Диетические котлеты из куриной грудки

Not quite like the name of the dish - chicken cutlet diet. And until the end I do not know for what. The reasons are likely many, but the main - and inexplicable subconscious fear of all dietary, as yet at an early age is firmly lodged in my head that this - imposed restriction, and the reason for non-compliance - the possible negative consequences. Therefore, I prefer to call it a dish - chicken cutlets steam. It's one of the few dishes (I think) in the vapor tastes better performance than just fried.

Chicken rolls

Куриные рулетики фаршированные

Frankly, this recipe Chicken rolls caught my eye just when I was thinking about what to cook meat dish for dinner tonight. And as chilled chicken breasts were just in the refrigerator, and everything else needed to either defrost, or go to the store (on the street if the weather was terrible), the choice was narrowed greatly.

Pancakes with chicken liver

Оладьи из куриной печени рецепт

Pancakes chicken liver I cook quite often. But every time the amount of wheat flour, which is required for this dish, a little different. Can chicken liver and onions of different humidity can chicken egg of different sizes, I do not know. Most likely - all this together.


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