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Russian Chicken cutlets - Tenderness

Russian Chicken cutlets
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When the eldest son asked what I cook, or rather – what is it and what is included in the composition of these chicken cutlets Tenderness, he immediately exclaimed: "it's an ordinary chicken nuggets". Not going to argue with him (I know that's just a futile exercise), but it is a completely different dish. Though the source - chicken breast - for them is the same. But the fact that these cutlets are much tastier and much more interesting – no doubt.



But to be sure, you still have to cook them. However, the fact that it is very, very simple, and almost for any beginner, just below you will see for yourself.
So, to make these chicken cutlets , you will need:
• two fresh chicken fillets (I took the whole breast, without skin),
Russian Chicken cutlets

• 100 ... 150 grams of solid cheese,
Russian Chicken cutlets

• large (or two small)  onion,
Russian Chicken cutlets

• 100 ml of kefir,
Russian Chicken cutlets

• three tablespoons heaped tablespoons of potato starch,
Russian Chicken cutlets

• and one and a half teaspoons of salt. As an option – still and ground black pepper and fresh herbs, but I didn't add.
Russian Chicken cutlets

And for fry we'll take an ordinary vegetable oil.
Chicken CUT into small cubes,
Russian Chicken cutlets

also do it with cheese.
Russian Chicken cutlets

Onions cleaned and finely blended. Of course, the classics have it too chopped, but my wife asked me to grind that way.
Russian Chicken cutlets

All the ingredients now mix, and give ten minutes to stand up.
Russian Chicken cutlets

In a pan pour a little vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up. Again mix up the stuffing, and with tablespoon (this will be the merc, because we need the same cutlets), spread it one by one.
Russian Chicken cutlets

Fry on low heat for seven ... eight minutes on one side, then turn over, and fry all the same seven minutes. And all this time without covering with a lid, otherwise you simply do not get crisp , though the burgers themselves will be considerably more elaborate.
Russian Chicken cutlets

Repeat two more ... three times this procedure for all stuff, and served them. Sure, today you will hear again and again well-deserved words of praise and request to Supplement.
Russian Chicken cutlets

But otherwise – enjoy your meal.

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