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Recipe stewed chicken hearts

Рецепт тушеных куриных сердечек
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Poultry dishes
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Recipe stewed chicken hearts



Wanted Products:
** Five hundred grams of chicken hearts.
** Two large onions.
** Two large juicy fresh carrots.
** Two tablespoons of olive oil.
** Three-fourths cup of any broth.
** Fifty milligrams of dry wine.
** Food pinch of fine salt.
** Little ground allspice.
** Spices, meats, meat, a little.
** Half cup of low-fat milk.
To decorate:
** Five hundred grams of boiled carrots.
** Canned zucchini.
** Fresh herbs, leaves, parsley.
Cooking this way:
Chicken hearts if taken a set of "chicken liver and heart," then it is possible and gras - changes. Recline on a sieve, let stechёt water. Each heart cut in half if there gras, the liver too. Cut of the film, carefully cut off the gallbladder without damaging it, and then the dish will be ruined. Cut large vessels.

Рецепт тушеных куриных сердечек

Transfer to a bowl, pour the milk. Cover with a cloth, put aside aside. Time: Thirty minutes. After that, drain the milk.

Рецепт тушеных куриных сердечек

Onions cleaned from the husk, water rinse, dry cloth. Cut into small kubichkami. Carrot peel, rinse, dry. Coarsely grate on tёrochke.

Рецепт тушеных куриных сердечек

Prepare the pan, pour the oil. Preheat over medium heat. Pour the onion and carrot. Stir fry until the onions are "empty" flavor.

Рецепт тушеных куриных сердечек

Add hearts, livers, too, if you cook with it. Stir. Cover with a lid. Stew time: twenty minutes.
Timeout, open the lid, pour the wine. Stir. Put out about three minutes. Pour the broth. Season with spices. Stir. Simmer on time: five minutes. Open the lid, stir. Close the lid again. Fire abated to a minimum, stew, time: fifteen minutes.

Рецепт тушеных куриных сердечек

Done. Hot hearts lay on a large platter, garnish with slices of zucchini with them the same and serve as a side dish. Sprinkle kubichkami carrots. Leaves of parsley to make a flower, put the side dishes.

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