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Canned aubergines in tomato sauce

Canned aubergines in tomato sauce
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Like the vast majority of men, in the sunsets for the winter I love the scale. After all, two or three small jars of something indistinct taste and incomprehensible appearance with a proud name, which is difficult to pronounce, not mine. Not me at all. And to all the new recipes, "fruits" which then will then gather dust in the far corner of the wardrobe, and then simply discarded, treated with a significant degree of distrust and skepticism. Therefore, I share only proven recipes that I cook from year to year. Like this one.



So, prepare the eggplant in tomato sauce.
I take ten large aubergines (4,5 ... 5 kilograms), wash well (you can even soak in a large basin for a couple of hours), cut the tailss.

Баклажаны в томатном соусе

I cut it in thick slices with peel.
In a large bowl put layers of them and each of them abundantly pour coarse salt. So almost all the bitterness of them will go out.

Баклажаны в томатном соусе

So – layer by layer. A full pot.
I set aside for a couple of hours (aubergines plentifully let juice), and I cook  other vegetables. You can press them with oppression, but I didn't make it (just forgot this time), and all the same it turned out very and very worthy eggplants in tomato.

Баклажаны в томатном соусе

Five large Bulgarian peppers, about 1.5 kilograms, cut into halves and clean the core and seeds. Generally, to save time and effort (still, I know what happens), all the ingredients I was multiplied by two. But you, making a test batch of these eggplants in tomato sauce, can do exactly recipe.
Баклажаны в томатном соусе

1.5 pounds ripe, juicy tomatoes (take any, even not very fresh, they still will go entirely to the juice) wash, cut,
Баклажаны в томатном соусе

and pass through the juicer. Through it we pass and all the sweet peppers.
Баклажаны в томатном соусе

In a large cauldron (I have such, marching), we put to boil our dense tomato-pepper mass.
Баклажаны в томате

When it boils, add to it:
* 100 grams (half a Cup) of vegetable oil;
* One glass of sugar;
• A tablespoon with a hill of salt;
* Juice of half a lemon or a teaspoon of citric acid;
* Three cloves and five balls of allspice.
Again bring it to boil and so cook for another five minutes.

Баклажаны в томате

Aubergines well press. With juice gone, and all unnecessary bitterness.
Баклажаны в томате

Fill the eggplants with tomato mixture and after boiling, on a small fire, under a lid, boil them for another 15 ... 20 minutes.
Баклажаны в томате

Then put the eggplant to the cans, fill them with tomato,
Баклажаны в томате

and put to sterilize for 15 minutes after boiling.
Баклажаны в томате

Roll up with lids and store our eggplants in tomato at room temperature. Thanks to sterilization, they will not explode.
Баклажаны в томате

The only advice: cans should stand for at least a couple of months. So the taste will be homogeneous and saturated as much as possible, and not all components separately.
Enjoy your meal.
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