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Chicken homemade ham

Chicken homemade ham
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The recipe for this chicken ham just want to start by apology: why I didn't cook it "on camera", but only "ate it under my pillow." It's so tasty, so simple, and so naturally (especially in comparison to the purchase of hams) that I will not ask myself rhetorical questions, and just go to the kitchen and make this amazing dish again.



However, just want to make you upset: it is cooked long enough (for me). But all this time no need to stand at the stove, or a cast over the ingredients. Just our chicken ham all the time have to settle or cool down, so all in order.
So, in order to prepare about pounds (or slightly less) chicken ham, we will need  an ordinary tin can, adequate volume, Yes the package for baking, then like everything else, you can easily find in the nearest grocery store. Namely:
• 250 ... 300 grams of chicken mince,
Chicken homemade ham

• two small (about a pound) chicken breast,
Chicken homemade ham

• one large onions
Chicken homemade ham 

• sachet (10 grams) gelatin
Chicken homemade ham

• a tablespoon of salt,
Chicken homemade ham

• one third teaspoon – ground black pepper,
Chicken homemade ham

• and coriander.
Chicken homemade ham

That's all. Although if you want to get less "meat" and more "sausage" chicken ham, take the opposite: one breast and one pound of chicken meat. I am sure that everyone needs to try both options and choose your so how to prepare this dish you will be quite often.
Oh yeah, I forgot all about 70 ml of ordinary water. You need to fill gelatin and for 10 ... 15 minutes t let it swell.
Chicken homemade ham

Fillets cut into not very small, but definitely thinly and across the grain.
Chicken homemade ham

And onions, if you don't have the "evil" blender, grinding him "in a mess", just RUB on a small grater. And though you'll cry, the result is worth it.
Chicken homemade ham

Mix all components completely and give 20 minutes just to stand at room temperature.
Chicken homemade ham

Then stack the resulting semi-finished product in the package/jar, tightly knotted, and another half an hour "forget" it.
Now in the oven, preheated to 190 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes to put our baked chicken ham. But after this time it is not finished: first, without removing it from the oven, let cool to room temperature (it's three -- four hours), and then at least as much (preferably overnight) without removing it from banks and package, put in the fridge to harden.
Chicken homemade ham

That's wisdom,
Chicken homemade ham

our chicken ham is ready.
Chicken homemade ham

Bon appétit.

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