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How to cook adjika

Как приготовить аджику

It is possible that offering experienced (almost said haired) from cooking professionals say that this recipe is simple adzhika has nothing to do with the seasoning they do in Georgia. I will not argue with them (no need, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion), but I call it home is a simple adzhika.

A delicious homemade ketchup for the winter

Вкусный домашний кетчуп на зиму

A truly delicious ketchup loves prevailing most of us. But here more often, especially in supermarkets, you can hear from the parents counsel their children about the attractive packaging of one or another producer, like "put it immediately in place," or "not, in any case we will not buy it." And indeed, if you read the composition, which is often written in small and very small print, purchase and eat it to very few people want.

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