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How to cook adjika

Как приготовить аджику
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It is possible that offering experienced (almost said haired) from cooking professionals say that this recipe is simple adzhika has nothing to do with the seasoning they do in Georgia. I will not argue with them (no need, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion), but I call it home is a simple adzhika.



So, it should be very easy to prepare, well stand (we do not prepare her a jar), but have a very rich, rich and interesting taste.
To make a simple adjika we need:
• 250 ... 300 grams of garlic,
Как приготовить аджику

• five ... six heads of hot peppers
Как приготовить аджику

• one kilogram of pepper,
Как приготовить аджику

• 50 grams of salt,
Как приготовить аджику

• and five pounds of tomatoes. And what they are ripe and juicy, the simple adjika will be tastier.
Как приготовить аджику

That's all that we need to prepare this simple adzhika.
Hot pepper cleanse from white core and seeds. So we get rid of excessive sharpness while maintaining its very spicy taste. Meat grinder grinds it with a bowl or blederom depending on what you have in the kitchen.
Как сделать аджику

With pepper Bulgarian act also: Cleansing and ground.
Как сделать аджику

Garlic will have to clean the whole. As for me - this is a long and unpleasant part of cooking, but avoid it simply will not work. Therefore, this part of the recipe I was always attracted to his wife. And it is also, like peppers, grind "into dust."
Как сделать аджику

Tomatoes passed through a special juicer separates the tough outer rind and seeds, leaving a thick and tasty tomato juice. And though it is not at all, to get her still stands. Since it was thanks to her simple adjika becomes as soft and smooth.
Как сделать аджику

Now I'm cooking. You can certainly put it all at once and weld, but I like to break it, laying the components in order:
• Tomatoes. Their protushivaem after boiling for approximately 15 minutes;
• Then add the pepper and simmer together another seven ... ten minutes;
• And then it all together: hot peppers, garlic and salt and cook it all together for another five minutes.
Such a simple way to make a simple taste adzhika even more rich and saturated.
Как сделать аджику

And yet a simple hot adjika laid in sterilized jars (10 minutes over boiling water) and fitting insulated cover. It can not store the special conditions just in the cabinet at room temperature. But here's the direct sunlight it should protect, the color may fade.
Как сделать аджику

That's all the wisdom. Enjoy your appetite.

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