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None of the main meal, usually without garnish does not do. Small snacks in the form of sandwiches or pastries, of course not considered. About them we will talk separately in the relevant sections. And now let's see what is a side dish?

Garnier is one of the main constituents of dishes. It is served to the bird, meat or fish, and in some cases, and as a separate dish. Sometimes, in addition to the main dish served a salad, but it is - a cold appetizer. We will now submit to your attention the hot side dishes. In this section, we will be happy to recommend you a variety of exotic recipes side dishes that are popular in the southern and eastern countries. Despite the apparent complexity of the recipes to cook them by following our recommendations, quite easily. All of them, for the most part, made up of familiar ingredients and you prove to be so delicious that many housewives are making them in the list of the most commonly practiced foods.

Any side dishes will not only perfectly set off the taste of the main course, but also independently be a great decoration of the table. Not all the people eat food of animal origin, so the main courses in this case just consist exclusively of side dishes, often accompanied by a variety of sauces. Furthermore, cereals are very useful for the health of its composition and contribute to the removal of harmful substances. So clean the body cereals and we will help you a prescription. We are sure that the recipes featured on our site will find many admirers, even among vegetarians, as exotic cuisine dishes - a great opportunity to diversify any traditional table and, therefore, to please family and guests.

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