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Russian soups

Chicken soup with cheese rolls

 Chicken soup with cheese rolls

Not gonna lie, that this chicken soup with cheese rolls I had prepared many times, and have already "dog eat" on this recipe. On the contrary, I did it for the first time and didn't know what happens. But  the dish turned out excellent, soon I will repeat it with only one caveat: the dough should be rolled out even thinner, and cream cheese to take a more solid. And the rest is just perfect, so let's get started.

Tomato soup recipe with photos

Tomato soup recipe with photos

my wife cookThis cold tomato soup from time to time. But only in summer time and in the days when very hot outside. Meanwhile, tasty and it will be in demand all year round, and my first practical experience in its preparation will be interesting not only three months out of the year. So let's just move from words to action and make this cold tomato soup with cod.

Russian cauliflower Soup

Russian cauliflower Soup

Both my son (I do not know who is the greater), hate all dishes of cauliflower. And that is not only their mother invented to fool them, and  mashed cauliflower, and ground finished dish blender, and pour all cream and other sauces ... but the same result: the same curve faces both at a table, the spoiled mood at mother and the strained voice at the father.
But one day, I tried to ask exactly why they do not like cauliflower, in general, and in the soup with cauliflower in particular. And I was very surprised with the answer: our mother overcook it, it becomes very slimy and not appetizing. That's all. And because the solution suggests itself, I went to the kitchen, especially since lunch time is inexorably approaching.

Soup of the young cabbage

Щи из молодой капусты

It would seem, and what a difference, to prepare a soup, or make a soup of young cabbage? Like all the same, only used for the preparation of fresh, young vegetables, which matured yesterday on beds and not grown properly, correctly assembled, and most importantly - properly stored reserves for the winter.

Delicious chicken soup

Легкий куриный супчик

First time to cook this chicken soup I spodvigla not beautiful picture under the prescription or colorful, emotional description of the chef, and an empty fridge, a minimum of available products in a very late hour, and of course pre-cooked chicken broth, which miraculously appeared under my hand . And when four hungry men, and they are not hungry at least the second half ate to satiety (of course, not failing to require supplements), I noted him as a very tasty and satisfying dish to prepare that there is no trouble.

Noodles of pheasant

Суп из фазана рецепт

The main ingredient of noodles with pheasant, the bird itself, I got from my uncle-hunter who with a gun in his hand trying to spend all weekend long. He also told me how to cook it.


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