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Fish dishes

Juicy salmon baked in the oven

Juicy salmon baked in the oven

This dish doesn't claim to be among your "crowns", which you cook on especially important holidays and those occasions when you want to surprise someone. And the reason is simple and clear: the food a lot, but the time that you have spent on it – only 20 minutes. As you can see – at least, as not every side dish you can prepare during this time.

How to pickle red fish

How to pickle red fish

Almost always choosing red fish (in this case pink salmon), I buy big, and cut her steak for frying on a contact grill, and the tail, fins and abdomen – on the broth for the soup. But the main part of the carcass I almost always salted, and do it (home), very good. That's why this recipe today and I decided to share with you.

Home pickling fish

Home pickling fish

Most of us like salty fish. However, we buy it ready to eat, but not crude prefabricated. This is not only expencive, and so the chance to buy the fish already "tainted". But many do not how to do it themselves because of inability or lack of knowledge, although their own home pickling of fish – it's easy, and all the waiting will take three days. It all depends on the weight of the fish, the smaller it is, the faster salted. Consider the rate of about 0.5 kg of weight takes a day. Can't go wrong.

Baked salmon with dill

Fish with dill

This simple but very tasty dish, I cook quite often. Moreover, the whole process from turning on the oven to heat up to 200 degrees (namely, we just need to start cooking fish with dill, so you do not lose time in vain) to its filing on the table, takes less than 25 minutes. The only fish must be fully thawed. So either take care of it in advance (of course, if you take not chilled, and even more – still alive), or resort to the microwave.

Fish steak with cheese

Fish steak with cheese

The fish cooked in any way, I really love, and my wife. But to do it too often, and even more - every day, hinder my sons, for whom everything fish dishes - the most severe and most sophisticated punishment. But even they, these fish steaks with cheese eating even without disgust and rebellion. And the fact that they are very easy to prepare, and the idea before serving is just ten minutes, making them the most coveted on my desk. Such things dish "in haste", but - incredibly delicious.

Roasted fish with potatoes

Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках

Forming the menu for the next housewarming (finally happened this remarkable fact in my life), wife categorically stated: "On a hot, anything, but not meat." I was a little surprised though such a requirement, but it did not contradict, and cooked roast fish. And it turned out to be so successful, so tasty and so unusual (for years I prepared it only with different types of meat), that soon I'll do it again.

Baked cod

Как приготовить треску в духовке в фольге

The perennial problem at my house: I really like the wife of fish and dishes from it. While the kids with their very strange and peculiar tastes, preferences and habits, perceive it not only as one of the most sophisticated punishment akin week without a computer or a whole month without sweets and chocolate. Therefore, I did not cook often, when it becomes absolutely unbearable, eat meat or poultry.


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