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Baked salmon with dill

Fish with dill
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Fish dishes
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This simple but very tasty dish, I cook quite often. Moreover, the whole process from turning on the oven to heat up to 200 degrees (namely, we just need to start cooking fish with dill, so you do not lose time in vain) to its filing on the table, takes less than 25 minutes. The only fish must be fully thawed. So either take care of it in advance (of course, if you take not chilled, and even more – still alive), or resort to the microwave.



But today I had the opportunity to make a delicious dish even tastier. First, I cook the fish with dill - salmon (small, about a pound),
Запеченая рыба с укропом

and umbrellas dill. The one that goes on seaming vegetables for the winter. It is much  more aromatic than its "green brother". Although these two components is optional, it turned out just insanely delicious.
Запеченая рыба с укропом

There is nothing more to our salmon with dill  to add, therefore, only a teaspoon of salt (preferably large, it will not let bitterness, even if you make a mistake with the volume),
Запеченая рыба с укропом

and just a little bit, for the smell – ground black pepper. That's all.
Запеченая рыба с укропом

Gutted fish without head, not even to clean her scales, but meowing cat under my feet (still, to cook the fish without it), begged me for unnecessary parts, like fins and fatty abdomen.
Запеченая семга с укропом

And then everything else is easier. Place the salmon on a piece of foil for baking. Half salt freshly ground black pepper poured into the abdomen, put the dill and sprinkle the fish with the second half of the salt.
Запеченая семга с укропом

Wrap up and put in the oven on the top shelf for 20 minutes.
Запеченая семга с укропом

That's wisdom, our insanely delicious and very simple fish with dill, ready. And garnish be sure to prepare mashed potatoe made with milk or just boil the potatoes  with butter. Believe me, this tandem will be even tastier.
Запеченая семга с укропом

Bon appétit.

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