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Roasted fish with potatoes

Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках
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Fish dishes
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Forming the menu for the next housewarming (finally happened this remarkable fact in my life), wife categorically stated: "On a hot, anything, but not meat." I was a little surprised though such a requirement, but it did not contradict, and cooked roast fish. And it turned out to be so successful, so tasty and so unusual (for years I prepared it only with different types of meat), that soon I'll do it again.



So today I have the menu - a simple roast fish.
First I took the fish. Quite a lot, more than a kilogram, but advised me to buy a loach. This red fish salmon family, but I think it is absolutely important. It will work with almost any. The only thing I had to understand our "protein source" should be dense enough to not raspolzsya while cooking.
So, you need to defrost fish in advance (do not you catch it). It will take a few hours, but if you have not purchased in advance of the fish, use a microwave. While you decide which option is more convenient.
Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках

In a frying pan, pour three ... four tablespoons of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Two large onion bulbs (can take three, worse will not be exact) clean,
Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках

very finely cut,
Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках

and spread to brown. Onions should be well golden, but not burn, so a good look for him. Although the five minutes it will be enough, stir occasionally.
Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках

Carrot (take the same amount as onion), too clean,
Жаркое из рыбы с картофелем

and medium-sized cut. But do not try to rub it, even at a very coarse grater: carrot juice and let certainly will not have it.
Жаркое из рыбы с картофелем

The same still hot pan, saute the onion where (we pass it in a large pot or cauldron, where we bake our fries with fish), pour a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and lay out carrots. Three minutes, it would be enough to acquire its fragrance, but it does not blacken. Yes, in parallel to the 180 ... 190 degrees set to heat up the oven, so as not to waste time.
Жаркое из рыбы с картофелем

700 grams of potatoes, clean,
Жаркое из рыбы с картофелем

and cut into thick, rather short straw. We spread it with the carrots to the onion,
Жаркое из рыбы с картофелем

Refill the high (330 ml) glass of water, cover with a lid for 20 minutes and put in the oven.
Жаркое из рыбы с картофелем

Fish (not necessary in advance will flow guaranteed) not thick cut pieces,
Жаркое из рыбы с картофелем

and together with two teaspoons of salt and half - ground black pepper, spread on top of potatoes. And yet - 20 ... 25 minutes, in an oven, under a cover at the same temperature, dogotavlivaem our hot fish.
Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках

That's all the wisdom, it is ready.
Жаркое из рыбы в горшочках

Enjoy your appetite.

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