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Vegetable dishes

Dishes from vegetables nutritious, digestible and useful for all age groups. They are especially recommended for children, because their bodies are just beginning to grow and develop, and the gastro-intestinal tract needs a special "harmless" food.

Vegetable dishes for children, should be not only delicious, but also appetizing look. Our task, "lure" the child to eat healthy dish, rather than chips, hot dogs and pasta. Recipes vegetable dishes are very diverse, they can be prepared from potatoes and cabbage, pumpkins and squash, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, beets and carrots, just burgers and vegetable ragout mixtures thereof. The main thing to remember that they are not only useful but also delicious.

A person can find in vegetables necessary for a mineral substance. Often, vegetables are pre-trained, they are washed, get over, cleaned and cut. Any of these operations leads to a loss to a greater or lesser degree the substances of our body, including vitamin C. To reduce these losses, wash vegetables no more than 10-15 minutes. Use stainless steel knives. Semi-finished products of vegetables, as long subjected to heat treatment, use pans of stainless steel, aluminum, enamel, or nickel-plated. Lays vegetable portions to prevent water stops boiling, or for a short time. Vegetable dishes after cooking, it is necessary to use in the short term.

Greens. This is the "tops" of any edible plant. We have the most common, is parsley, dill, celery, lettuce, green onions, mint, borage, and even beet tops or radish. Wild grass also in this category are quite. But we must note that in April, May and June, the most rich greens valuable substances. For example, goutweed, dandelion, nettle, plantain leaves young birch, linden. Just collect these useful herbs away from the road to that kind are not poisoned. And be sure to wash the greens in running water, as carefully as possible.

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