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Recipes for salads

What dish can be more versatile than a salad? Their big advantage is that they can decorate your table in a different role, as a garnish, as a separate dish to any meat and fish - there is where your creativity run wild!

For the feast, of course, we will choose hearty and tasty salads, but the charm of salads is that they can be diet foods. It all depends on the ingredients selected for the salad. Salads can be put in a bowl or on bread. Salad recipes are so diverse that they can not try everything.

About tasty and high-calorie salads can be a long talk, but we'll talk about salads - as a dietary and healing food. The different diets salads occupy a leading place.

Adhering to, any diet, we can limit ourselves to the flour, sugary, fatty foods, but nothing to do with vegetables. Vegetable salads can (and should!) Have all year, well, if every day. Greens not much happens, the more it gets our bodies, the better for our health. By the properties of vegetable salads include not only the appetite, but most importantly they enrich our diet very valuable mineral salts, various vitamins and other substances necessary to man.

Prepare salads can be a variety of ways, cold and hot, vegetables and fruits are used in cheese and pickled or salted. Apply different charging and sauces, spices that emphasize taste and improve flavor.

If you want to make a pleasant variety to your breakfast or lunch, the fruit salad, just what you need. This is a great meal, especially if a hot summer day. Fruits benefit not only the taste but also the abolition of the vitamins necessary for human organism. Carbohydrates that are easily assimilable by the body, organic acids, vitamins, mineral salts, tannins, pectin, aroma and other substances beneficial to our body - everything is in the fruit.

Feel free to experiment with a selection of products, and remember one useful caveat - the thinner the cut the ingredients in the salad, so it tastes better.

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