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Russian food

Maslenitsa in Russia

Maslenitsa is one of the warmest holidays that symbolize the arrival of spring. Everyone knows that on Maslenitsa you need to bake and eat blini and burn an effigy. But whether it was celebrated by our ancestors since ancient times in Russia? What is a blini and why you need to eat it? And why burn poor Scarecrow?

Authentic russian recipes

The formation Authentic russian recipes of Russian cuisine has a long path, during which there were a lot of stages left a certain trace. At the beginning of the development of Russian national cuisine appeared uncrowned king of table - a yeast bread made from rye flour. Is it possible to imagine a meal without bread?

Russian cuisine history

The cuisine of our ancestors did not differ so much a strong variety of dishes, prepared dishes that gave Mother Earth - pea porridge, bread, cakes with various fillings. A huge number of fish allowed to harvest it for the future - dried, salted. Processing technology products was due to the presence of Russian stoves. There was widespread first dish - soup, stew, zatiruhi.

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