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Russian drinks

Russian drink - homemade kissel

Russian drink - homemade kissel

At the mention of the word "kissel", most of us here represent a rich Russian cuisine, noisy festivities, riding horses and this thick, aromatic and tasty drink that flows like water. But in the twenty-first century the kitchen has become international, to make noise after 23:00 is not necessary, and horses replaced cars. That's only kissel left.

How to cook wheat brew

How to cook wheat brew

For me, summer is not only the sea, the heat and the abundance of fruit, and specific cuisine. And this applies to both food and drinks, all of which must be cold, very cold, even icy. And one of them, the most popular and sought after, it is a simple wheat brew. And here's how to cook it, I'll tell you now.

Compote Jošt for winter

Compote Jošt for winter

Jošt compote, or as it is often erroneously called jasper, I first tried in another house a few years ago. Imagine chilly, winter evening, when it is not what to go out, just come to the window in the house do not want to (not to be upset) and a modest kitchen, bachelor dinner: pasta, cooked sausage, tomato sauce of unknown bank-ketchup and this: a compote of Jošt. Its color is difficult to convey in words or pictures on display, it is necessary to see. Even a little murky glass into which he had poured.

Kvass at home from rye bread

Kvass at home from rye bread

I do not know about you, but I kvass rye is strongly associated with the summer heat and cold okroshka. But almost always brew the purchase, while your own home, I never did. However, my aunt stayed with us a few days, very surprised this fact, and promised to teach me right in practice, as soon as I buy a loaf of rye bread.

Banana milk

Банановый коктейль с молоком

Prepare this banana milk has advised me to my eldest son. He was the chief taster and critic of uncomplicated beverage, which is guaranteed to be tasty, healthy and natural fruit of the milk, which is in abundance on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets. And then, the next day I was preparing it again (just this process and I filmed), was the best proof that this banana milk came out just excellent. So below I will share this recipe with you.

Sbiten traditional Russian recipe

Рецепт сбитень традиционный русский

Sbiten - traditional Russian drink. Serves to Sbitnev pastries, cakes, cookies. Irreplaceable cup flaming brought down in the winter, in the mountains, while skiing. She is irreplaceable and fishing in dank autumn. Do not give up and brought down mushroom pickers, and those who love hiking. Plus sbitnya that prepares it rapidly from the minimum and products.

How to cook Cornel compote

Как варить кизиловый компот

Cornel compote terribly fond of my youngest son. And who knows what more: original, rich taste, wonderful aroma and deep, almost black color. But it does not matter, because the most likely - for everything at once. So today we will prepare Cornel compote in the winter, and you'll see how easy it is.


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