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Banana milk

Банановый коктейль с молоком
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Prepare this banana milk has advised me to my eldest son. He was the chief taster and critic of uncomplicated beverage, which is guaranteed to be tasty, healthy and natural fruit of the milk, which is in abundance on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets. And then, the next day I was preparing it again (just this process and I filmed), was the best proof that this banana milk came out just excellent. So below I will share this recipe with you.



To prepare the banana milk, we will need all three ingredients:
• a liter of milk, preferably warm, but who prefer a variant,
Банановый коктейль с молоком

• two medium banana (or three small)
Банановый коктейль с молоком

• and 20 grams (four teaspoons) of sugar.
Банановый коктейль с молоком

If you prepare a smaller amount - calculate the proportion will be very simple.
Bananas and sugar in a blender grind homogeneous mass puree (not remain no lumps)
Банановый коктейль с молоком

Add the milk and whisk again.
Банановый коктейль с молоком

Poured into glasses and; Ideas.
That's all the wisdom of the most delicious, useful and absolutely natural banana milk ready.
Банановый коктейль с молоком

Enjoy your appetite.

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