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Non-alcoholic home mulled wine

Безалкогольный глинтвейн в домашних условиях
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Frankly, as mulled wine can be soft, never understood. Yes, in general, and not thought, believing that it should be sweet, hot, certainly very fragrant and cooked necessarily red wine.



But one day I was at a party the couple, the male half of which (for ideological reasons), can not stand no alcohol. And even for the celebration of the New Year, "steals" the daughter of non-alcoholic champagne. And as the street was minus 17 degrees Celsius, beverage choice for a celebratory dinner, and the subsequent small theatrical performances in the performance of my sons, was obvious. And without thinking twice, I made a simple solution - cook for him (though most were very interesting), mulled wine soft. Which differed only in that it is based - not red wine and grape juice from Isabella I cook in large quantities for the winter.
Безалкогольный глинтвейн в домашних условиях

It must be 800 ... 900 ml (three tall glasses). And as I took no sugary-sweet juice of the purchase, and more intense home, then add two tablespoons of honey. How to put it to you - there is no exact proportion, then have to try our non-alcoholic mulled wine.
Безалкогольный глинтвейн в домашних условиях

So, pour honey grape juice and set it on fire.
Peel (here come in handy knife for cleaning vegetables) two oranges,
Безалкогольный глинтвейн в домашних условиях

cut into thin strips, and we place to the juice. Although you can put two tablespoons already dried, soft taste of our mulled wine will not change.
Безалкогольный глинтвейн в домашних условиях

One small apple my, clean from the core (bones can give a nasty bitterness)
Безалкогольный глинтвейн в домашних условиях

and cut thin plastic. They themselves are in the drink will not be needed, but the taste and aroma have to give the maximum.
Как приготовить глинтвейн безалкогольный

And along with two tablespoons of raisins,
Как приготовить глинтвейн безалкогольный

shift the boil in a saucepan. It boils since our soft (indeed, an alcoholic too) mulled wine should not boil. Therefore, it does not cook, covered, on low heat, and the weakest on the burner.
Как приготовить глинтвейн безалкогольный

Add the spices:
• half a teaspoon of ginger without top,
Как приготовить глинтвейн безалкогольный

• the same amount of ground cardamom,
Как приготовить глинтвейн безалкогольный

• seven ... nine gvozdichin,
Безалкогольный глинтвейн рецепт с фото

• and a teaspoon of powder
Безалкогольный глинтвейн рецепт с фото

• or two cinnamon sticks.
Безалкогольный глинтвейн рецепт с фото

By experience I say that Molotov gives much more flavor, but then mulled wine should stand for about ten minutes and pour it through a fine strainer stands and sticks with it is a more transparent. Therefore, some prefer - decide.
A minute later, turn off the fire under the saucepan, and five ... seven minutes give our non-alcoholic mulled wine brew.
Безалкогольный глинтвейн рецепт с фото

Pour it in a glass (Be careful not to hit no liquid components, they are their flavor and aroma already given), and; Ideas.
Безалкогольный глинтвейн рецепт с фото

That's all non-alcoholic mulled wine ready. Enjoy your appetite.

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