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Russian drink - homemade kissel

Russian drink - homemade kissel
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Russian drinks
Russian cuisine


At the mention of the word "kissel", most of us here represent a rich Russian cuisine, noisy festivities, riding horses and this thick, aromatic and tasty drink that flows like water. But in the twenty-first century the kitchen has become international, to make noise after 23:00 is not necessary, and horses replaced cars. That's only kissel left.



So let's prepare this drink, which can be consumed to everyone, regardless of age. And even those who have weak or torn stomach will be very grateful for delicious, natural Russian kissel.
To begin, boil two liters of water
Russian drink - homemade kissel

and 400 grams fresh or frozen berries, such as dogwood,
Russian drink - homemade kissel

Russian drink - homemade kissel

cherries,or mixtures thereof,
Russian drink - homemade kissel

full-bodied,  and make closer to a syrup compote. It will take you 20 ... 25 minutes, no more. Drain the berries and discard, you no longer need.
Russian drink - homemade kissel

Add 250 ... 300 grams of sugar, stir,
Russian drink - homemade kissel

and in half a liter of warm, but not cold and certainly not hot water, dissolve 5 tablespoons  of potato starch.
Russian drinks

Stir well to avoid lumps, and the liquid became completely homogeneous, and a thin stream, stirring constantly, pour in the compote with sugar. Add water up to three liters, and stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Practice shows that for cooking of the kissel is best to get stainless, not enamel pan, so it won't stick. But still, you need to stir constantly.
Russian drinks

Boiled pudding cook 1 ... 2 minutes and ladle into mugs. So, when it will cool a little in each Cup is delicious, viscous film, that is loved by both children and adults.
Russian drinks

Bon appetit.

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