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How to cook Cornel compote

Как варить кизиловый компот
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Cornel compote terribly fond of my youngest son. And who knows what more: original, rich taste, wonderful aroma and deep, almost black color. But it does not matter, because the most likely - for everything at once. So today we will prepare Cornel compote in the winter, and you'll see how easy it is.



But first put to boil water. Quite a lot, as per three-liter jar need about two and a half liters. Therefore - consider yourself.
Как варить кизиловый компот 
Until the water begins to boil, let us study berries. Dogwood, unlike many others, is very trouble-free culture. So how much softer and frankly quite rotten berries across units. But green tails and even small leaves, which give the bitterness, all you need to choose.
Как варить кизиловый компот 
Dogwood fall asleep in banks, at the rate of a pound to three liters,
Как варить кизиловый компот 
and fill with boiling water. Then banks must cool completely, so eight hours just "forget" about them. So if you have no air conditioning in the kitchen, it is best to do it late at night, and they will cool down overnight.
Как варить кизиловый компот 
In addition to water and berries, for this we need a cornel compote sugar. How much - depends on the number of rolls cans. And so - consider themselves at the rate of 150 grams per jar, three liters of volume.
Кизиловый компот на зиму 
Now merge unsweetened Cornel compote boil again, and themselves (so you do not forget), fill with sugar.
Кизиловый компот на зиму 
Pots boil very quickly. Fill their contents back into the banks and rolls them.
Кизиловый компот на зиму 
Allowed to cool upside down. So you can always check the quality of the covers, as well as how well you rolled them.
Кизиловый компот на зиму 
Now Cornel compote should stand at least a month (preferably two or more), but it should be kept in a place where direct sunlight is not "steal" the rich color cornel compote.
Кизиловый компот на зиму 
That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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