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How to cook mulled wine at home

Как приготовить глинтвейн дома
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Alcoholic mulled wine. I do not know about you, but I have it consistently associated with a frosty and snowy winter, a crackling fireplace, rocking chair, warm blanket and always cold.



But with snow and frost this winter we have fun, the role of the fireplace to perform familiar stove with oven in the kitchen, and a rocking chair at me he has never been. And only a blanket and cold - is absolutely true. Although there is one more attribute real - the alcoholic mulled wine. And I think, I cook it well enough, as neither spouse nor those who had a chance to try it, no bad comments are not allowed, but only asked supplements.
So wine. It should always be red, preferably strong and semisweet. In dry and semi-dry will have to add a lot of sugar or honey, and sweet will cloying taste. His need a standard bottle of 0.7 liters.
Как приготовить глинтвейн дома

More need three glasses of juice (same 0.7 liters). Anyone, but if you take the dark (cherry, currant or what else), then look our alcoholic mulled wine will be even better and richer. In the photo it does not pass.
And more. This black currant juice was not just sweet, and super-duper-mega sweet. So that no additional sources of sweetness, adding it was not necessary.
Как приготовить глинтвейн дома

Fall asleep three teaspoons of raisins, and set on fire. But remember that mulled wine (alcoholic or not), in any case should not boil, so watch them carefully.
Как приготовить глинтвейн дома

Add the spices:
• two ... three sticks of cinnamon (ground immediately give turbidity, tested in practice)
Как приготовить глинтвейн дома

• a good pinch of ginger,
Как приготовить глинтвейн дома

• the same amount of cardamom (both - of course milled)
Как приготовить глинтвейн дома

• and cloves. Ten will be even much, so we restrict family ... eight pieces.
Как приготовить глинтвейн дома

Now the fruit. An apple without a core,
Классический глинтвейн в домашних условиях

thinly sliced and put in a container that where our alcoholic mulled wine is half ready.
Классический глинтвейн в домашних условиях

With two medium oranges,
Классический глинтвейн в домашних условиях

remove the peel and finely cut.
Классический глинтвейн в домашних условиях

We put it, boil a couple more ... three minutes,
Классический глинтвейн в домашних условиях

and set aside to infuse. Five ... seven minutes (longer simply more difficult, as the smell goes just incredible, and our alcoholic mulled wine simply cools), poured into the appropriate wine glasses (though just a tall glass not worse), and we get no incomparable pleasure.
Классический глинтвейн в домашних условиях

That's all the wisdom. Enjoy your appetite.

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