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Fish dishes

Рыбные блюда

Fish and seafood No wonder the French are considered the most popular and delicious food. No self-respecting restaurant in France did not exclude from the menu section, which offers fish dishes. This is no accident. French - recognized by gourmets. They understand how much you can prepare delicious seafood. A variety of fish recipes rightfully occupy a place of honor in their cookbooks.

In addition, fish consumed as food is necessary. Useful fatty acids and phosphorus, which are most easily digested and contains large amounts of it in seafood and fish are very important for our body. Even some religious teachings fish occupy a special place. Dietitians have successfully promoted a special "fish" days when the body receives the required dose of nutrients, because you eat fish dishes.

In this section, we suggest you try something new, instead of boring baked or fried fish. Our fish recipes gathered from exotic countries and try to offer the usual ingredients in a completely different form. A seafood delight his zest and ease of preparation. Even the shrimp, which are considered the prerogative of the rest of the sea and often used for beer, we'll cook a delicious dish that can become a signature dish of the evening. To fish, we recommend that you submit the appropriate sauces and garnishes, and then all of your house guests will be provided with unforgettably pleasant experience.

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