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Barley porridge with stewed meat

Barley porridge with stewed meat

Most of us, especially the older generation, pearl barley is strongly associated with the Russian army. And though barley porridge not the only dish where it goes (remember at least  pickleв soup), "barley porridge with meat" these are the canned food familiar to many of us. But here's the bad news: they are not on sale (at least not found for all these years), but sometimes you want it. My spouse thumbed her nose from this dish, and her face read only one question: "how do you eat it"? I like that.

Russian rice burgers

Russian rice burgers

Reading some good book, which has a description of an ordinary dinner in one Eastern country, my son came across the unusual name of the rice patties, and asked me a question: what is it? And really, why I often cook burgers with meat, fish, poultry or potatoes, but never from rice? And at least some details in the story was not (and could not be, it's not a cookbook), curiosity is the mention of not just sown, and woke a burning interest, which force me to go to the kitchen. After all, to make rice cutlets, you need quite a bit.

Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

Garnish as cereals as a whole and in the form of buckwheat in particular, do not like my sons. In every way trying to smear the majority of porridge on a plate, quickly send it to the sink until the Pope does not see, or even some tricks that I still have not figured out yet. And so the recipe, in which there is no clear division into a main dish and a side dish to it, I took it with joy and not fail them in the near future to take advantage of. Therefore, it is in your court that buckwheat tradesmen, as well as a step by step recipe for how to do it.

Pea puree recipe

Pea puree recipe

Pea puree. I will not write that his preparation will take you a minimum of time, and it is perfectly suitable for those cases where there is nothing in the fridge and eat very, very desirable. That would at least be untrue, since its preparation will have to plan ahead.

Crumbly rice

Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

Crumbly rice. I have for many years do not always get it done, and cases where he remained absolutely tender and crumbly, but - incredibly delicious (that's why I do not like special bags for cooking rice), can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Although various pilaf, or even rice with vegetables, it gets me so that "the tongue swallow."

Spaghetti with cheese.

Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

Just specify the preparation of this simple and unpretentious dishes - spaghetti with cheese, it's home building on work my eldest son. And he was preparing his own really, from A to Z. And Dad (me) was in the role of a strict jury consultant and mentor in one person, who still all removed, then cut, and wrote. But best of all - he received for his creation a solid top five in the classroom, and I have tasted it and pudding.

Pasta with broccoli

Макароны с капустой брокколи

That's for sure, would never have thought that this simple pudding can be so delicious and interesting as the first time he was not tried. Such associations at me and caused this dish - pasta with broccoli.


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