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Juicy salmon baked in the oven

Juicy salmon baked in the oven
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This dish doesn't claim to be among your "crowns", which you cook on especially important holidays and those occasions when you want to surprise someone. And the reason is simple and clear: the food a lot, but the time that you have spent on it – only 20 minutes. As you can see – at least, as not every side dish you can prepare during this time.



But the taste of baked fillet of salmon and its tenderness and juiciness through the roof, and very soon you will want to repeat this experience. Therefore, the fillet is best to buy two, one for tomorrow, even if you cook it for yourself, nobody else at the table is not expected.
To cook baked fillet of salmon, it must be fully defrosted. No "almost completely", "a little frozen" or "a bit left". Is completely thawed.
Well, if you find the chilled fish, all wonderful, the finished dish will be more tender. I could not. Oh well, still turned out very tasty.
Juicy salmon baked in the oven

Also required fat mayonnaise, not light or diet. But silenced all those who really care about their figure and believes every eaten calorie: you will need quite a bit.
salmon baked in the oven

First of all heat the oven at 170 ... 180 degrees.
Takes out a piece of foil slightly longer than the fillet and put its matte side facing away from you. Spread fillet on it and lightly sprinkle with salt, a couple pinches will be enough, because the Mayo has salt too.
salmon baked in the oven

Definitely add black grounded pepper
salmon baked in the oven

cover with mayonnaise. One tablespoon will be plenty.
baked salmon

Wrap the foil "envelope" and put to be baked in the oven.
baked salmon

Need only 12 ... 15 minutes to do. Immediately remove from the oven and eat, otherwise the fillet of salmon is not only good baked, but just dry. And alas, will not be so good. Because then tenderness of meal is "not to seen as own ears".
That's wisdom. As you can see, it's not easy, but very simple, and is available to anyone, even the most inexperienced novice.
baked salmon

Bon appetit.

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