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Fish steak with cheese

Fish steak with cheese
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Fish dishes
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The fish cooked in any way, I really love, and my wife. But to do it too often, and even more - every day, hinder my sons, for whom everything fish dishes - the most severe and most sophisticated punishment. But even they, these fish steaks with cheese eating even without disgust and rebellion. And the fact that they are very easy to prepare, and the idea before serving is just ten minutes, making them the most coveted on my desk. Such things dish "in haste", but - incredibly delicious.



Although, if you take a frozen red fish steaks, I lied a little bit about the time to prepare this dish, as they should be completely defrosted. And here is how you do it in a microwave oven, at room temperature or use the most gentle way, in the refrigerator, allowing fish to remain the most succulent - it's up to you.
Now we proceed directly to the very sacrament. For the preparation we need:
• Three large steak red fish (salmon, I took, although it does not matter)
Рыбный стейк

• incomplete teaspoon of salt,
Рыбный стейк

• Vegetable oil for frying
Рыбный стейк

• Two tablespoons of flour (I have at hand was wheat)
Рыбный стейк

• and hard cheese. Quite a bit, 50 ... 70 grams will be enough.
Рыбный стейк

It must be rubbed on a fine grater.
Как приготовить рыбный стейк

Pour vegetable oil into the pan and put it on the fire to warm up.
Collapses in agony on one side steak, salt it (better to take the salt finely ground)
Как приготовить рыбный стейк

turn over, we collapse on the other, and have spread on a hot griddle.
Как приготовить рыбный стейк

And also come with other steaks. Fire - the highest possible, so we "seal" the juices inside the fish.
Как приготовить рыбный стейк

After two minutes, flip,
Как приготовить рыбный стейк

sprinkle with cheese, and under the cover, even at low heat, dogotavlivaem another four ... five minutes.

That's all wisdom, fish steaks with cheese ready. Serve and eat them right away, as they cool down quickly enough.

Enjoy your meal.

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