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How to pickle red fish

How to pickle red fish
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Almost always choosing red fish (in this case pink salmon), I buy big, and cut her steak for frying on a contact grill, and the tail, fins and abdomen – on the broth for the soup. But the main part of the carcass I almost always salted, and do it (home), very good. That's why this recipe today and I decided to share with you.



The first thing I cook zabolotney mixture. To do this, take three teaspoons coarse salt cookbook,
How to pickle red fish
teaspoon ground black pepper,
How to pickle red fish
ground coriander – teaspoon too,
How to pickle red fish
and 5 ... 7 leaves Bay leaf.
 How to pickle red fish
All this is mixed (Bay leaf finely break),
How to pickle red fish 
and thawed, prepared and washed  fish
How to pickle red fish
Rub this mixture on the outside, the most important thing - inside. Do not clean it in the fridge and leave to proclivities on the table at room temperature.
How to pickle red fish
In 8 -12 hours (I usually salted fish in the evening), fish giveaes a lot of water. So this "tearfulness" fish do not become for you an unpleasant surprise, try to prevent its consequences in advance.
How to pickle red fish
Two days later wash it under running water outside and inside,
How to pickle red fish
remove the Central bone of the skeleton,
How to pickle red fish
and cleanse the skin from the outside. Fish is  salted, so to do it is easy.

Put slice of it on a sandwich, in a salad or something else – you decide. To me they taste best on a thin piece of white bread or baguette, buttered and spread with thin slices of fresh or salted fish. And the top – slice boiled eggs and plastic mixed pickle. And all this play of colors, red, yellow, orange and green are just waiting mouth. Is it possible before this temptation to resist and be limited to one sandwich? I can't, because the taste is just incomparable.

Bon appetit..

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