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Soup of the young cabbage

Щи из молодой капусты
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It would seem, and what a difference, to prepare a soup, or make a soup of young cabbage? Like all the same, only used for the preparation of fresh, young vegetables, which matured yesterday on beds and not grown properly, correctly assembled, and most importantly - properly stored reserves for the winter.



That's what I thought until my ardent zeal to do everything on their own, "as I see it," I did not dampen her husband. And her simple, but very good advice, really helped me to cook delicious soup with young cabbage, which even my eldest son, who cater to all kinds of food is simply impossible, and then ate them with gusto. And all the others simply asked supplements. These are simple and delicious soup of young cabbage. But first things first.
The first thing we cook soup. But in any case of meat and poultry only. He must be very light and delicate, so one chicken breast half fill two ... (still a little boil) liters of water and put the stew. No spices like bay leaf and black pepper not we place (taste and aroma consisting of young cabbage will be too abrupt and will irrevocably spoiled), but add a teaspoon of salt. All the same, then you forget to put.
After boiling, reduce to a minimum the fire, and cook, covered 30 more ... 35 minutes.
Щи из молодой капусты

In the meantime, we undertake vegetables. Seven small potatoes my, clean,
Щи из молодой капусты

and cut into small cubes.
Щи из молодой капусты

Young carrots (it took me three pieces) is not even clean, and my only,
Щи из молодой капусты

and cut into slices.
Щи из молодой капусты

Both vegetable laying in the pan, and without increasing the fire under the lid, cook seven ... eight minutes.
Щи из молодой капусты рецепт с фото

Half of the smallest fork cabbage
Щи из молодой капусты рецепт с фото

cut into narrow strips,
Щи из молодой капусты рецепт с фото

and send in a saucepan. All together it will cook for another three ... four minutes.
Щи из молодой капусты рецепт с фото

Then soup with young cabbage should insist another five ... seven minutes, and at the same time cool slightly.
Щи из молодой капусты рецепт с фото

That's all wisdom, Enjoy your meal. Oh, and do not forget to put fresh herbs, so it will be more tasty.

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