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Delicious chicken soup

Легкий куриный супчик
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Russian soups
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First time to cook this chicken soup I spodvigla not beautiful picture under the prescription or colorful, emotional description of the chef, and an empty fridge, a minimum of available products in a very late hour, and of course pre-cooked chicken broth, which miraculously appeared under my hand . And when four hungry men, and they are not hungry at least the second half ate to satiety (of course, not failing to require supplements), I noted him as a very tasty and satisfying dish to prepare that there is no trouble.



That is why I have today in the menu chicken soup, but how to make it, I'm with you, and share.
The first step is a piece of chicken (one whole leg, hip couple or three ... four calf), weighing about half a kilogram, pour two liters of water and put the stew. Just like always, after boiling reduce fire, remove the foam unappetizing and cook, covered for 40 minutes ... one hour. Can immediately put a teaspoon of salt, so you do not forget.
Легкий куриный супчик

One large (or two smaller ones) carrots clean, wash,
Легкий куриный супчик

and rub on a coarse grater.
Легкий куриный супчик

Pour into the pan, two ... three tablespoons of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up. A minute later, lay out a carrot and two ... three minutes, stirring constantly (not burnt) fry. Our goal - not to bring it to half, and make even more appetizing and ruddy, with the original scent.
Легкий куриный супчик

Five medium potatoes, too clean-my,
Легкий куриный супчик

and cut into large, rather short straw.
Легкий куриный супчик

Chicken cooked. Take out and give it to cool, and in the meantime lay the potatoes and carrots in a saucepan, and includes a large fire. When our chicken soup a semi boil, reduce the heat and again 15 minutes under the lid tormented him.
Вкусный куриный супчик

In parallel, we put the eggs cook. Hard-boiled. So everything is as always: in salt water to even cracked the egg is not leaked, 12 minutes after boiling, then cool to room temperature in flowing water.
Вкусный куриный супчик

Parse the bones had time to cool the chicken and noodle-cobweb (about 100 grams of this volume), put in a saucepan. When chicken soup boils again, turn off the fire and two ... three minutes to "forget" about it.
Вкусный куриный супчик

Green onion. However, this component is optional, but it is much tastier.
Вкусный куриный супчик

Therefore, finely chop it,
Вкусный куриный супчик

Pour into a bowl of our ready-made, but still very hot chicken soup, put half a boiled egg and sprinkle with green onions all.
Вкусный куриный супчик

And believe me, call anyone at the table do not have to, since all hungry and so long waiting for this wonderful dish - delicious and fragrant chicken soup.
That's all wisdom, enjoy your appetite.

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