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Chicken rolls

Куриные рулетики фаршированные
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Poultry dishes
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Frankly, this recipe Chicken rolls caught my eye just when I was thinking about what to cook meat dish for dinner tonight. And as chilled chicken breasts were just in the refrigerator, and everything else needed to either defrost, or go to the store (on the street if the weather was terrible), the choice was narrowed greatly.



That is why I have today in the menu chicken breast rolls, in the amount of three pieces. Their weight - about 700 grams, so that the amount of filling is indicated for him. Well, you will be going to cook them if more or less, will have to calculate the proportion of its own.
But we do not start with the chicken, but with butter. It should be a little 50 grams would be enough, but it should be good soft. Not liquid (itching to put it in the microwave), but not hard, just out of the fridge (you simply do not mix with the other components of the filling). So just remove it for two ... three hours before cooking from the refrigerator and leave just on the table.
Куриные рулетики фаршированные

Small head (we need four ... five cloves) garlic clean and shred. But cut him with a knife, or skip through the garlic press - decide for yourself.
Куриные рулетики фаршированные

Average bunch of greens (I took just parsley)
Куриные рулетики фаршированные

finely shinkuem.
Куриные рулетики фаршированные

100 ... 120 grams of hard cheese,
Куриные рулетики фаршированные

rub on a grater. At what - absolutely does not matter (he still then melt), but small cheese will be easier to mix.
Рецепт куриных рулетиков с начинкой

Add a little ground black pepper,
Рецепт куриных рулетиков с начинкой

teaspoon of salt,
Рецепт куриных рулетиков с начинкой

all together and mix well.
Рецепт куриных рулетиков с начинкой

The pan with a lid (this is important), pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Chicken breast,
Рецепт куриных рулетиков с начинкой

well repulse (the thinner the piece, the more tender will receive our chicken rolls)
Куриные грудки рулетики с сыром

one half spread the filling,
Куриные грудки рулетики с сыром

and wrap in a roll. Also been reported with the rest of the pieces.
Куриные грудки рулетики с сыром

Oil in a frying pan well warmed up, so carefully (may spray) spread our chicken rolls for a couple of minutes reddening.
Куриные грудки рулетики с сыром

Now turn over, cover with a lid, reduce fire, and cook another 20 minutes so. They allocate a lot of liquid (most of the meat, and filling "try"), melted butter, too, so they will not roast and stew.
Куриные грудки рулетики с сыром

That's all wisdom, fragrant and delicious chicken rolls are ready. A garnish them just begging buckwheat porridge, which also should put the stew.

Enjoy your appetite.

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