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Pastrami chicken breast

Pastrami chicken breast
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Many of those who somehow knows and loves to cook (and not just something from concentrates and semi-finished products), often with fear and distrust relate to all kinds of sausage. And when you find a recipe that allows you to somehow move away from this "quick Breakfast" toward natural, but at the same time – delicious food, very quickly goes to the kitchen to repeat it and try out.



So did I, when I came across a small little note, telling about very quickly and without any hassle to prepare the tastiest pastrami chicken breast. As well as two chilled chicken breast, with a total weight of just over five hundred grams I had in the fridge
Pastrami chicken breast

then I did not have to to buy anything.
In addition, to prepare this simple pastrami chicken, you will need:
• heaping teaspoon of salt (necessarily coarse, it is not bitter),
Pastrami chicken breast

• ground black pepper,
Pastrami chicken breast

• coriander,
Pastrami chicken breast

• and paprika. Although here there are no special requirements, just put what you like and what is available. Believe me, no reason to run if you just do not have something.
Pastrami chicken breast

And these two components are opposite, desirable become mandatory:
• large head of garlic,
Pastrami chicken breast

• and greens. Although fresh or dried – you decide, the taste is not affected.
That's all.
Pastrami chicken breast

But do not rush to "hot work procedures" meat for pastrami chicken should be well marinated. Therefore, the mixture should coat the chicken Breasts  in another hour ... just leave them on the table.
Pastrami chicken breast

Now turn on 250 degrees to warm up the oven. Both Breasts more tightly wound twine. Foil (cold baking sheet guaranteed to take the heat, and previously warmed – tender meat exactly cleave) make a box, put chicken in it with spices,
Pastrami chicken breast

and  20 minutes bake on the middle shelf. But after this time do not rush to take out even a semi-pastrami chicken, it needs stay in the oven. And this is a minimum of six ... eight hours. Therefore, the ideal option – cook it in the evening
Pastrami chicken breast

in the morning you get  a great dish. Which will be equally delicious and with a sliice or on bread as a sandwich, and just by itself. Although when you remove the thread, don't forget to shake it from the remains of spices: we do not need it anymore.
Pastrami chicken breast

Although this dish has a minus – Pastrami chicken breast ends very quickly. So the experience will be repeated againvery soon. And the rest – Bon appétit. Read our recipe How to make salted fish for breacfast.

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