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Grilled sausages

Жареные сосиски на сковороде
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Russian cuisine


Cook these sausages fried in batter "Sparklers" I demanded from the younger son. And when I tried to find to find something suitable, the first thing he saw his inspiration: short story on Channel in the "test purchases". However, there used to him Viennese sausage smoked in a natural casing, which he can not stand.



So I used for this dish ordinary boiled milk, and it seemed to me, turned out very bad. Well, you can make both versions (the technology that does not change), then compare and choose what more to your taste. Indeed, very soon you will want to repeat the experience again. And this just can not doubt.
So sausages. As I said, the most simple, dairy. So, we remove them with cellophane wrapper
Жареные сосиски на сковороде

and strung on bamboo skewers. I took this amount of batter eight small sausages, and it turned out just right. Well, you can vary to fit your needs themselves.
Жареные сосиски на сковороде

Prepare the batter. Tablespoon of flour or corn flakes,
Жареные сосиски на сковороде

mix with three tablespoons of wheat flour. Although then realized that it was necessary to take a 2 + 2, the taste would be much more interesting. Oh well.
Жареные сосиски на сковороде

Add a teaspoon of salt without top simple,
Жареные сосиски в кляре

and two chicken eggs. Knead everything thoroughly to avoid lumps.
Жареные сосиски в кляре

The pan liberally pour vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Dip our sausages in batter and spread to brown in hot oil well.
Жареные сосиски в кляре

A minute later ... another turn them and fry until golden brown on the other side.
Жареные сосиски в кляре

Spread on a plate, laid by a dense cloth or paper kitchen towel, and three ... five minutes give drain residual oil.
Жареные сосиски в кляре

We serve to our table ready fried in batter sausages "Sparklers".
That's all wisdom, enjoy your appetite.

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