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Canapes with herring

Canapes with herring
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I will not have to certify that the preparation of these canapes with herring takes only a few minutes or a minimum of time. And all because the beets for them long enough cooked and pre-cooked and "accidentally left in the fridge" - it's like a grand piano in the bushes: all can be, but it happens very, very rarely. 



And the rest of it is really a very simple recipe that can be repeated almost every, whether you're a novice in the kitchen or is offering years of experience and "guru".
But first will wash two medium beets and put them to cook. But cooking vegetables in water or steamed - you decide. Time it should be about the same: ten hour ... hour and twenty minutes, so that the set cook beets.
Канапе с селедкой

Meanwhile, the average herring (salted or smoked, the technology does not change, although the taste is different)
Канапе с селедкой

cleaned from the head, viscera, bones, skin and fins. If you find this too hard - take ready herring fillets.
Канапе с селедкой

It is cut into four ... six (depending on the size of fish) parts. I get ten pieces of the same size.
Канапе с селедкой

Five slices of bread, cut in half. I know that the classic canapes less "one bite", but I wanted to make it such. Especially that big sandwich always easy to make a small sharp knife in one motion.
Канапе с селедкой

And here and cook beets. Wait until it has cooled slightly, peel and grate it on a coarse grater.
Бутерброды с селедкой и свеклой

Mayonnaise need quite a bit, so a tablespoon of this sauce, long time has become international, is enough.
Бутерброды с селедкой и свеклой

Mix them, and in any case, do not salt. Herring itself rather salty, and mayonnaise also have salt, so that the option to cook it will only pick out the taste of the selected fish.
Бутерброды с селедкой и свеклой

We smear on bread abundantly impromptu salad (it is just enough for ten canapés)
Бутерброды с селедкой и свеклой

laid with a piece of herring and certainly we place on top of a small sprig of dill. It will add even more original taste, and will not only edible, but useless decoration dishes.
Podaёm and eat canapes with herring and beets immediately. So if guests still on the way, zagotovte semis. Collect in fact, this "puzzle" - the question just a few minutes.
Бутерброды с селедкой и свеклой

That's all the wisdom. Bon appetit.

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