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How to cook steamed omelet

How to cook steamed omelet
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Most of us, at the mention of the word "steamed omelet" find two different, but very consistent association: this is particularly diet (and that means quite tasteless) and it is very difficult (read – preparing for a long time). Therefore, this simple step will immediately try to break these two stereotypes and give you to your collection of quick and easy breakfasts another "signature" dish.



First, to minimize the cooking time, take two containers, which can be put one into another. I have a simply perfect two pans - one and two liters.
Pour in the water in the big pan (a little, a little more than half a liter), and put it on the stove to boil.
How to cook steamed omelet

Two large chicken eggs (if small – feel free to take three),
How to cook steamed omelet

break and add a pinch of salt, stir until smooth.
How to cook steamed omelet

Add 100 ml (half Cup) milk
How to cook steamed omelet

and mix again. Whipping is not necessary (and not possible), but the mixture must be very homogeneous.
How to cook steamed omelet

Meanwhile the water was boiling. In an empty, smaller size pan  pour our prefabricated omelets, cover with a lid and put it to prepare "pan in pot".
How to cook steamed omelet

Ten minutes later, our omelet is ready steam. Put it on a plate (he is very easily separated from the tank, which was prepared), and serve. Eat immediately while it is hot, as steam the omelette cools down very quickly, and is no longer so fluffy and delicious.

Here and all the intricacies. Bon appetit.

And last. In this article we are not going to write, how many calories is contained in this simple dish and how easy it is to digest. Find it yourself and the results you very much will surprise and delight.

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