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Spaghetti with cheese.

Как приготовить спагетти с сыром
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Just specify the preparation of this simple and unpretentious dishes - spaghetti with cheese, it's home building on work my eldest son. And he was preparing his own really, from A to Z. And Dad (me) was in the role of a strict jury consultant and mentor in one person, who still all removed, then cut, and wrote. But best of all - he received for his creation a solid top five in the classroom, and I have tasted it and pudding.



Now, first things first. In two liters of water,
Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

fall asleep teaspoon salt (so you do not forget), and set on fire.
Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

And while it is boiling, 100 ... 150 grams of hard cheese,
Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

rub. Should use a fine grater, but forgive this mistake novice Cooking
Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

Meanwhile, boil the water. 200 grams of pasta from durum flour (100 grams per liter of boiling water) is lowered into the pot. It is not necessary to break them, so they immediately got in, and after a few seconds when the part in boiling water is soft, drown them all.
Как приготовить спагетти с сыром

Cook them is not accessible (errors many of us), and reduce the heat. But how many - the exact answer is not and can not be. Thickness themselves spaghetti is always different, flour manufacturers use different, too, and the degree of welded razlnu we prefer. So the best option - five minutes after the re-boiling, just try them and decide if you want to merge them, or give another minute ... another cook.
Вкусные спагетти с сыром

Now they thrown back in a colander to drain and give. And in any case, do not leave them in the water "walk": spaghetti engorged with water and become nasty, slimy, a kind of "flour paste" on your plate.
Вкусные спагетти с сыром

Further we need a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
Вкусные спагетти с сыром

Fill it back in the pan with spaghetti, cover with lid and two ... three times shaken vigorously. So they are completely greasy, shiny and will never stick together.
Вкусные спагетти с сыром

We spread them on a plate (this volume - three full, "adult" portions), sprinkle with cheese and; Ideas. After all, our spaghetti with cheese cool down very quickly, and there they must be hot.
Вкусные спагетти с сыром

That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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