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Scrambled eggs with zucchini

 Scrambled eggs with zucchini
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The story of scrambled eggs with zucchini, among the dishes that I have ever prepared, is as old as the world, "foggy" morning in a strange apartment, almost empty refrigerator, but very hungry. A time trying to buy something, and the more prepared, are sorely lacking, as half an hour to start lectures at the university, which is not what shirk, they can not be late for a minute, because of this the key depends on the exam score. So quickly take himself in hand, hastily wash, brush our teeth and go straight to the kitchen to dream and invent, from what is available. Sounds familiar, does not it?



That's the first time I made eggs and zucchini. And its simplicity, as well as interesting and unusual taste, soon forced to cook it again. Therefore, even after many (I will not say how much was already very creepy) years, I occasionally do it. But how - right now I'll tell you.
So, scrambled eggs with zucchini is just four ingredients:
• two large eggs,
Яичница с кабачками

• Fresh zucchini (one serving half the average vegetable needed)
Яичница с кабачками

• Vegetable oil for frying
Яичница с кабачками

• and a good pinch of salt. That's all we need.
Яичница с кабачками

Pour oil into the pan and put it on the fire to warm up.
Zucchini mine, cut into small strips,
Яичница с кабачками

and send grilling.
Яичница с кабачками

On high heat, uncovered, having prevented a couple of times while he is preparing three ... five (depending on the richness of selected vegetable and pans) minutes until it is golden.
Яичница с кабачками

Now the score in his egg, mix (fried zucchini with egg should not be, "not to look at us"), but now the salt, cover with a lid and reduce heat to a minimum, prepare her two minutes.
Яичница с кабачками

That's all wisdom, eggs and zucchini ready. We serve and eat it immediately, as this dish very quickly cools, and risks becoming a "rubber" and tasteless.

Enjoy your meal.

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