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Omelette with tomatoes

Omelette with tomatoes
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Seeing the title, scrambled eggs with tomato, I was just going to write, my wife snorted and added that there is nothing unusual about such things ordinary and everyday dish that many of us, certainly, is prepared for breakfast. But the answer is that it is completely made up my youngest son, eight years old, and I just commented on, helped and took off, affected and forced to temper justice with mercy. And having seen the final picture appetizing, asked "only repeat that the resulting practical experience and make for her the same thing." So "on the heels" son of my mother fed a delicious and simple breakfast.



So, for the preparation of an omelette with tomatoes need quite a bit:
• Two large (can take three) eggs,
Омлет с помидорами рецепт

• 100 ml of milk,
Омлет с помидорами рецепт

• a good pinch of salt,
Омлет с помидорами рецепт

• One medium ripe tomato,
Омлет с помидорами рецепт

• a little green onion,
Омлет с помидорами рецепт

• Vegetable oil for frying and boiling water to clean the skin of the tomato. That's all begin.
The first step is to do a small tomato cross cut, fill, as it was mentioned above, boiling water, five ... ten seconds merge it and voila: very easy to clean it from the external hard skin.
Как приготовить омлет с помидорами

Cut the white stalk and cut its not thick circles.
Как приготовить омлет с помидорами

Heat the milk. Simply perfect microwave. Meanwhile, beat the eggs with the salt into a homogeneous mass,
Как приготовить омлет с помидорами

add milk and 10 more ... 15 seconds, beat together.
Как приготовить омлет с помидорами

On a cold pan, pour a little vegetable oil, pour the egg-milk mixture and lay slices of tomato.
Как приготовить омлет с помидорами

Under the lid, over medium heat, cook our scrambled eggs with tomato four ... six minutes.
In the meantime, my green onions and finely chop.
Омлет с помидорами на сковороде

Omelette with tomato ready.
Омлет с помидорами на сковороде

Spread it on the plates (which - for two servings), sprinkle with onion and give.
Омлет с помидорами на сковороде

That's all, I enjoy your appetite.

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