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Sandwiches with canned fish

Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой
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These simple fish sandwiches I strongly associated with student years when the abundance of food was not available because of the price and the time to cook confined intense learning process. But even with such constraints, these fish sandwiches (more precisely - with canned fish), were "nail any feast." However, years later, I still cook them, the more so that everything about everything you need less than 15 minutes. 



So, proceed to cooking.
The first step is to save cooking time, put the stew boiled one egg. Nothing new and unusual, all as always: 12 minutes after the water boils, then refrigerate. And to even cracked the egg is not leaked out during cooking, put a teaspoon of salt water.
Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

Then take the rye (black) bread. In principle, any but Borodino for this dish would be the best solution. Cut it into pieces not thick on two ... three (all of them are different) bite. Usually there are eight ... nine half a large piece.
Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

In the pan, pour a little vegetable oil and one ... two minutes fry bread on each side.
Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

Jar (240 grams) of fish canned in oil,
Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

with two ... three tablespoons mayonnaise (not more than, its taste does not have to dominate the fish)
Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

mix together. Now the fish component of sandwiches ready.
Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

Peel a few cloves of garlic.
Бутерброды с рыбой и яйцом

Lightly rub with the cooled bread slices with garlic. The intensity of this depends on your tastes, so exactly how much garlic you will need for this dish - decide.
Бутерброды с рыбой и яйцом

One large (or two smaller ones) pickle,
Бутерброды с рыбой и яйцом

chop diagonally to mugs were more.
Бутерброды с рыбой и яйцом

Meanwhile Dowar and cooled egg. Clear it not thick and cut into slices.
Бутерброды с рыбой и яйцом

Now "zhenim" all the ingredients together. Spread on bread and fish components should be laid pickle and egg. One fish sandwich is ready. Now also prepare all the others.

That's all the wisdom, enjoy your meal.

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