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Scrambled eggs with onion

Яичница с луком
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Simple Recipes "for bachelor"
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Scrambled eggs with a bow for a long time, and it seems to me, without any prospects for a different perception and analogy, the breakfast has become a symbol of all the bachelors of our huge planet. And the reason, as you know, this three:
• Simplicity;
• Speed;
• and nutritious.
There is another quality - a very, very pleasant taste, but how to make it more interesting, it will tell in the end.



So, to make an omelet with onions, we will need two eggs per serving,
Яичница с луком

Of course he onion, one high head
Яичница с луком

and vegetable oil - a couple of tablespoons. Here it is what we pour into the pan, then put it on the fire to warm up.
Яичница с луком

Meanwhile, clean the bulb from the peel and cut into thin half-rings it.
Яичница с луком

Spread on a pan and stir once, otherwise it simply will burn.
Яичница с луком

Fry the onions until golden brown well (it is not very long, a couple of minutes is enough for "eyes"),
Яичница с луком рецепт

We move it to the center of the frying pan,
Яичница с луком рецепт

and break an egg on it. All together very long roasts, and all of the same two minutes will be enough.
Яичница с луком рецепт

We shift to the plate (although I know quite a few singles who prefer to eat right from the frying pan to sweat less wash dishes and do not lose time); Ideas and eat. After all, our scrambled eggs with onions very quickly cools, and this is a very different taste and texture of this simple, but very tasty dish.
Яичница с луком рецепт

That's all, I enjoy your appetite.

P.S. But how true noticed many of us, but what is the same "highlight" of originality, which was said in the beginning. And it is very simple - try not to salt the dish at all. I came to this decision by chance, during a harrowing month salt-free diet, which agreed as a result of the dispute. And it is - the only meal without salt (of course, except dessert and frankly sweet) which I cook and after its completion. Try it and you will not regret, and perhaps biased.

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Simple Recipes "for bachelor"

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