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How to bake meringue

How to bake meringue

Meringue is the meal that is very difficult to cook, but the ingredients you want the most simple. I can't do it  too long: whites fell, it was the meringue was burnt, it just didn't rise and whites didn't rise. And from year to year, particularly at Easter, when, after baking cakes there was a lot of ыршеуы, I did not succeed to prepare a delicious, airy meringue.

Apple strudel

Apple strudel

Frankly, cook the shortbread strudel with apples, today was not part of my plans. But coincidentally, for dinner was like not only main dishes, but something for tea, sweetie.

Chips with paprika

Как делать чипсы в домашних условиях

The first time I was preparing myself chips (not bought them in the shop), I believe that all of the recipes are the same, and differ only used for this purpose seasoning. And there was a fundamentally wrong, because each of them has a very slight, but still features allowing to make a really tasty treat, instead of just dried salted potatoes. Therefore I have today in the menu - chips with paprika, and that's how they cook, I'll tell you.

Chips in the microwave

Как приготовить чипсы в микроволновке

First time to cook chips in microwave at home, persuaded me to my eldest son. He, like the vast majority of children (so to confess, and adults, too) loves these simple snacks. But as a conscious dad (namely to them myself and I attribute), which is making every effort to protect their children from all sorts of "unwholesome food", we have a strict limit: one big pack of a month. After all, none of us (of course, in addition to technologies on the production of snacks) and do not know that, apart from just potatoes goes for their preparation.

Russian salad with sea cabbage with sausage

Russian salad with sea cabbage with sausage

When read on some village the name of the recipe - a salad favorite, certainly I opened a tab with him. Interestingly, very much so. But when I saw the list of ingredients, it caused hostility and even rejection. Well, what is your favorite salad? For me it's always been Olivier and herring under a fur coat at worst, a mimosa salad, but not this. After all, not all eat, and even more so like sea kale, which is its main component. So it's - no salad no favorite, although it is an interesting combination, I decided, and closed the recipe.

Banana milk

Банановый коктейль с молоком

Prepare this banana milk has advised me to my eldest son. He was the chief taster and critic of uncomplicated beverage, which is guaranteed to be tasty, healthy and natural fruit of the milk, which is in abundance on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets. And then, the next day I was preparing it again (just this process and I filmed), was the best proof that this banana milk came out just excellent. So below I will share this recipe with you.

Salted peanuts in the husk

Как сделать соленый арахис дома

A delicious and easy snack - fried salted peanuts in the shells, I have in many years is not for sale. And it is not enough that insanely delicious, so also some nostalgia for youth. When the first packets of a hitherto unknown delicacy imported from Turkey and sold them all over the place.

Strawberry cream

Клубничный крем

Frankly, the preparation of this delicious and very simple cream with strawberries was an attempt to apologize to his wife for yesterday's later rather already today very early return. And since I had very little time for culinary delights, I went straight to the kitchen, good box with strawberries 250 grams (and that is how much it took for two servings), I was in the fridge. And other ingredients, such as milk, sugar and eggs were simply too home. So run headlong to the nearest store for anything not necessary. 

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