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Chips with paprika

Как делать чипсы в домашних условиях
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Russian snacks


The first time I was preparing myself chips (not bought them in the shop), I believe that all of the recipes are the same, and differ only used for this purpose seasoning. And there was a fundamentally wrong, because each of them has a very slight, but still features allowing to make a really tasty treat, instead of just dried salted potatoes. Therefore I have today in the menu - chips with paprika, and that's how they cook, I'll tell you.



So potatoes. Do not take young or newly built. It is full of starch, and she was quite wet. And for the young added another feature: it does not have time to "work up" your taste, so this solution - is fundamentally wrong.
Besides potatoes (two ... three large tuber, not more) for cooking potato chips with paprika, you will need:
Как делать чипсы в домашних условиях

• Vegetable oil - two ... three tablespoons. Take anyone, but always refined, as its flavor and aroma can not be felt;
Как делать чипсы в домашних условиях

• salt - teaspoon finely ground certainly "extra";
Как делать чипсы в домашних условиях

• and ground paprika.
Как делать чипсы в домашних условиях

That's all. Agree, very few ingredients. Now we proceed to cooking.
Peeling potatoes, and cut into the thinnest slices. Simply perfect knife for cleaning vegetables and cheese.
Как делать чипсы в домашних условиях

Now 20 ... 30 minutes, soaked it in plenty of cold water. Because of potato starch will almost all.
Чипсы с паприкой

Recline in a colander (stechёt main water), and then dried it before the end of paper towels.
Чипсы с паприкой

Mix the potatoes with oil,
Чипсы с паприкой

spread on a large flat plate with one layer, season with salt, sprinkle with paprika,
Чипсы с паприкой

and remove the four minutes in the microwave. Almost guarantee this will not be enough time, so even for a minute and a half ... remove dogotavlivatsya in the microwave. And so long as our chips with paprika become completely dry.
We prepare the next batch (after all at once everything is not exactly as you like) until all potatoes are not going to end. They cool down very quickly, but I know from experience that what has been done, eaten up much faster than the next batch of cooked potato chips with paprika.
Чипсы с паприкой

That's all, I enjoy your appetite.

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