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Apple strudel

Apple strudel
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Frankly, cook the shortbread strudel with apples, today was not part of my plans. But coincidentally, for dinner was like not only main dishes, but something for tea, sweetie.



But if nothing, then you need something to bake. And as the son, sorting the bags, removed a stick of butter in the fridge (this is important, it must be good soft, but not liquid),
Take butter for sand strudel

the answer emerged itself. Because the autumn season is delicious, juicy and sweet apples, we just came. By the way, this shortbread strudel with apples I will need three pieces of medium size. But what kind is up to you, tastes that are different, although I'm afraid the difference and do not feel.
We need apples

But everything else, like one and a half cups of flour
For sand strudel take the flour

high (250 ml) Cup plus three teaspoons of sugar,
For shortcake strudel take sugar

two eggs,
For sand strudel take 2 eggs

and a level teaspoon of ground cinnamon, just went to my house.
For sand strudel take 1 tsp of cinnamon

So, here we go.
Sugar, butter, and two thirds of flour (one Cup), knead into a homogeneous mass. Hands, as a mixer, and even more – speed blender, just don't do it efficiently. Knead it will not last long, but intensely, until the dough begins to come unstuck from hands.
Knead the dough

Now add two eggs, remaining flour, and knead well again.
Add eggs and knead the dough again

Wrap the dough in plastic wrap for an hour ... and a half, remove it in the fridge.
Wrap the dough in plastic wrap for an hour ... and a half, remove it in the fridge.

Apples. It all depends on the fruit, as if they are very fresh and juicy, rub in advance, if not – then immediately put them in our sand strudel. Just needs the juice to drain out, otherwise the cake would simply "float," or at least – will burn.
Grate apples on a grater

Set 200 degrees in the oven.
Even out the dough with a rolling pin (although I did it by hand, it was very pliable and smooth) in a large, rather thin, rectangular layer. Then, almost over the entire area, put the apples,
Spread apples on dough

be sure to sprinkle two ... three teaspoons of sugar (just to Carmelitas, and the filling became more homogeneous), and ground cinnamon, to taste. Alternatively, don't add.
Sprinkle with sugar

Fold it into a tube (the part we forgot to sprinkle the apples at the very end, and to it, we close up our roll),
Fold the strudel with apples tube

and spread on a baking sheet.
Spread the strudel with apples on a baking sheet

Put into the oven on the middle shelf, bake 30 ... 35 minutes
Bake strudel 30 ... 35 minutes

then take it out and immediately cut. Otherwise, when our shortbread strudel with apples has cooled, it will crumble and do it accurately, simply does not work.
Once strudel is ready - cut it

But otherwise – enjoy your meal.

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