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Chips in the microwave

Как приготовить чипсы в микроволновке
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Russian snacks


First time to cook chips in microwave at home, persuaded me to my eldest son. He, like the vast majority of children (so to confess, and adults, too) loves these simple snacks. But as a conscious dad (namely to them myself and I attribute), which is making every effort to protect their children from all sorts of "unwholesome food", we have a strict limit: one big pack of a month. After all, none of us (of course, in addition to technologies on the production of snacks) and do not know that, apart from just potatoes goes for their preparation.



Therefore, I have prepared the chips in a microwave oven, with "sample" made them with the most neutral flavor - simply with salt. You can add the paprika, greens, cheese or even shabby - the taste will only be richer and more interesting. Although the complexity of such an elementary recipe as our chips in the microwave, it does not add.
So potatoes. On how to prepare for it in the microwave drying and depends, we will have a delicious treat, or inedible, "rubber" something.
Как приготовить чипсы в микроволновке

Its clean and very thinly sliced. I have used both of these procedures by the same knife for cleaning vegetables, and just wonderful. But how to cut - along the long side of the tuber, or to make the same round slices - decide. My kids take longer chipsiny "to mouth happy"
Как приготовить чипсы в микроволновке

Their 15 ... 20 minutes soaked in plenty of water to starch potato much as possible left.
Как приготовить чипсы в микроволновке

Now it is thrown back in the colander to water glass as much as possible,
Как приготовить чипсы в микроволновке

and then another, and dry our potatoes paper kitchen towels.
Как приготовить чипсы в микроволновке

As I said above, no spices and seasonings for this recipe, I will not use, but a teaspoon of salt in two large potatoes use mandatory. Without it, our chips are fresh and just tasteless.
Чипсы в домашних условиях в микроволновке

In addition, you need to be a vegetable oil, one ... two tablespoons.
Чипсы в домашних условиях в микроволновке

Now, potatoes, salt and butter gently mix. A small note: if the drying-frying the next batch you'll see that harvested potatoes "floated", then you are just not thoroughly dried her towels. Pour off the liquid and add the potatoes in a little more salt and vegetable oil.
Чипсы в домашних условиях в микроволновке

Now decompose potatoes on a large flat plate and four minutes put in a microwave oven at maximum power. And then for a minute we bring it to yellowish. And many times, depending on the "mokrosti" selected potato varieties can vary from two to five times. More precisely - see for yourself. And so - again and again until all the potato chips with our salt is completed.
Чипсы в домашних условиях в микроволновке

But why not just put the potatoes for a long time (especially when you have found out by experience how much you need this sort of time) - I do not know. I can not (try). So that the temporary formula 4 + + will be optimal.
Чипсы в домашних условиях в микроволновке

That's all chips from the microwave with salt ready. They just instantly cool, and it was then becoming very crispy. After all, we love them not just for the taste, is not it?
Enjoy your appetite.

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