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Strawberry cream

Клубничный крем
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Russian desserts


Frankly, the preparation of this delicious and very simple cream with strawberries was an attempt to apologize to his wife for yesterday's later rather already today very early return. And since I had very little time for culinary delights, I went straight to the kitchen, good box with strawberries 250 grams (and that is how much it took for two servings), I was in the fridge. And other ingredients, such as milk, sugar and eggs were simply too home. So run headlong to the nearest store for anything not necessary. 



Berries washed and immediately threw a sieve (colander just have not found), to all the water glass, or strawberry risked "a bloody".
Клубничный крем

Now we need to make a base cream. For this, 100 ml of milk,
Клубничный крем

and 30 grams of sugar (I took a tablespoon with a slide), mix well and warm. I did it in the microwave, and you can just at the plate.
Клубничный крем

Three chicken eggs (although if they are large, it is sufficient and two), is divided into yolks and whites (for me this is one of the most difficult procedures in all the cooking).
Клубничный крем

Клубничный крем

and a half tablespoon of starch stir until smooth, add the hot milk with sugar, and put on a steam bath.
Крем из клубники

Preform our need to constantly stir the cream, otherwise it simply pristynet and thickens not only all of five minutes, until it is cooked but two ... three minutes after you turn off the fire under the saucepan.
Крем из клубники

A little secret: if you berries from the fridge, nothing to do with them and do not need. And if your freshly bought, or just room temperature, then immediately after the run-off water to remove their worth in the fridge to cool.
We select four ... five most beautiful berries to decorate, and the other cut thin slices,
Крем из клубники

poured sugar (tablespoon will do), and stir.
Крем из клубники

Had time to cool, and add even a little cream to thicken, and still again mix well.
Крем из клубники

In the remaining proteins are adding a small pinch of coarse salt, and whipping. They ensure that the pomp and lightness of this cream with strawberries, which I wanted.
Крем заварной с клубникой

And add them, but do not interfere much, just to combine thick and heavy cream with a delicate and airy proteins.
Крем заварной с клубникой

Spread on two spacious kremanki, and an hour and a half ... tucked away in the fridge.
Крем заварной с клубникой

We reach now and decorate carefully left in one piece and klubnichinami podaёm. In my case - with an apology, and you decide for yourself, it will "suck-up", a pleasant and unexpected surprise or just a desire to try something new.
Крем заварной с клубникой

That's all the wisdom, enjoy your meal.

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