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Salted peanuts in the husk

Как сделать соленый арахис дома
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Russian snacks


A delicious and easy snack - fried salted peanuts in the shells, I have in many years is not for sale. And it is not enough that insanely delicious, so also some nostalgia for youth. When the first packets of a hitherto unknown delicacy imported from Turkey and sold them all over the place.



But one day I thought: if you can not buy, then why can not I make it? Moreover, that consultation with other chefs who gave some practical advice, this is very useful.
For the preparation of salted peanuts in the husk, which is an erroneous view of many of us is only good as a snack with fresh, cold beer, just need three components:
• Peanuts (I took 250 grams of walnut);
Как сделать соленый арахис дома

• heaped teaspoons salt fine (extra) grinding;
Как сделать соленый арахис дома

• and drops (one fifth of a teaspoon even a lot) of vegetable oil. Ideally - peanut, but I took the first available. The taste is not affected.
Set on fire thick heavy pan (I took iron) without non-stick coating (can get down), and much of her warming up. Now pour the oil, and after 10 seconds - pour it in peanuts and salt.
In fact, the hot oil two functions: not only did the cooking temperature is much higher than in a dry pan and salt sticks to itself nut to crack, but not all will be on the bottom.
Fry. You must continually interfere, especially from the bottom, otherwise very quickly prigorit peanuts, and will be unpleasant taste bitter.
Как сделать соленый арахис дома

Exact time as you need to fry our salted peanuts in the shells, no. Just starts to get dark - turn off the fire. But do not try to stop him interfere, or pour out of the frying pan. Its five more minutes should be prohibited until the pan cools down, and the peanuts directly dosyhaet.
Как сделать соленый арахис дома

And when roasted salted peanuts in the shells completely cool to room temperature, it is ready.
Как сделать соленый арахис дома

That's all the wisdom. Enjoy your meal.

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