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Baking Recipes

Holiday bread

Хлеб праздничный

I do not know about you, but I was faced with the fact that not enough varieties of bread. No, even in the seedy gastronomchike near the house they are always five ... six varieties, and in specialized grain pavilions and tents account is already underway for dozens. But even with such an abundance of baked goods, I could not find what he wanted: a delicious, festive, but not Cakebread. And then the motto of all car tuners: can not buy - Build myself, I decided to use in your kitchen. 

Cherry pie

Простой пирог с вишней

This simple and yet very tasty cake (or biscuit, who gives a name more like it) with a cherry, without any qualms using my wife as a "sweet suck-up" to her husband. And it always works. And as if I was not angry at her, no matter how be angry about yesterday when I cook like a treat, I melt and forgive everything. And I can not help it, it does not try. 

Russian patties with onion and egg

Как приготовить пирожки с яйцом

Patties with green onion and egg, I really, really love. Perhaps even more than all the rest. However, preparing them infrequently, and even rare, and the reason for this one - an absolute dislike, and even a kind of aversion to them my sons. After their verdict on this dish was very reticent: how do you eat !? And I do not like to cook only for myself alone, because of the spouse to chronic dieting, and cakes with onion and egg, in its opinion, it is absolutely contraindicated. 

Russian piroshki with mashed potatoes

Russian piroshki with mashed potatoes

I do not know that these piroshki with potatoes so special cakes as cakes. But still nice, as the youngest son in their worships, and the question of how many pies with potatoes, he will eat today, shows the fingers on both hands. The eldest son just loves them, and even a spouse, who is a chronic diet (especially on the eve of the summer), with pleasure, "struggling with this flour poison." And to confess, I also love to make russian piroshki with potatoes, so cook them today. 

Apple charlotte

Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

Regardless of my age, culinary skills and knowledge, attitudes toward the apple charlotte was always somewhat dismissive. And not because this fruit tart little disliked (did not even quite the contrary), but because of its incredible ease of preparation. After all, the apple charlotte forgives many novice cooks their inability and lack of experience, and everything always turns out almost all of us. So just move from words to action today and prepare classic apple charlotte.

Cheesy bread

Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

For many of us the concept of "cheesy bread" (not to be confused with cheese bread, it is consonant with, but quite another dish), associated with France. And I'm in it - is no exception. But preparing this cheesy bread for the first time, I tried one dish to please both sons immediately: heavenly love junior to all fresh and tasty baked goods and cheese just unreal adoration senior. And I got it. And now, as they say, on the heels, and I'll share their practical experiences with you. 

Curd cupcakes

Вкусные творожные кексы

Curd cupcakes. This is exactly the recipe that only called loudly - curd cupcakes, while preparing it is not easy, but very, very simple. This "culinary mystery of" if I may say so, may repeat any newcomer, who had managed to burn scrambled eggs and undercooked meat dumplings bought in the nearest grocery store. And of course, it is just perfect for those times when unexpected guests call and say: "I ​​leave to you in 30 minutes I will." So just prepare these cheese muffins on a very simple recipe and just 40 ... 45 minutes (depending on the size of your molds).


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