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Apple charlotte

Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка
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Regardless of my age, culinary skills and knowledge, attitudes toward the apple charlotte was always somewhat dismissive. And not because this fruit tart little disliked (did not even quite the contrary), but because of its incredible ease of preparation. After all, the apple charlotte forgives many novice cooks their inability and lack of experience, and everything always turns out almost all of us. So just move from words to action today and prepare classic apple charlotte.



For the preparation we need a minimum of utensils: a blender with a whisk and a large capacity mixer or with a roomy bowl, a sharp knife and a plaque for cleaning and cutting the apples and baking (detachable or not) with high sides or just pan without a handle. And to our Charlotte is stuck to it, use a simple baking paper.

First of all take the five largest (if small - take six) chicken eggs,
Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

and sugar with a glass (200 grams)
Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

whisk them into a homogeneous mass.
Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

Add a cup of flour (130 grams)
Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

half a bag (one gram) of vanillin,
Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

and once again beat all well. Will batter consistency close to the liquid cream.
Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

Turn the oven to heat up to 180 degrees.
Seven ... eight major sour-sweet apples, such as ordinary Semerenko
Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

clean from the skin, core and slice into thin slices.
Шарлотка яблочная рецепт с фото

Cover the form with baking paper and pour half of the dough just her. It is sufficiently liquid so spread sully their hands and do not have to.
Шарлотка яблочная рецепт с фото

In addition to the mandatory need to ground cinnamon. From personal experience (tested in practice), this simple seasoning fundamentally changes the taste of most apple charlotte, without which it is - an ordinary fruit cake with sweet and sour apples.
Шарлотка яблочная рецепт с фото

We spread the apples, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon,
Шарлотка яблочная рецепт с фото

and pour on top of the second half of the batter.
Шарлотка яблочная рецепт с фото

Bake on the middle shelf 35 ... 40 minutes.
Шарлотка яблочная рецепт с фото

That's all wisdom. And for those who find this apple charlotte seem sweet enough, or you just want to decorate it, adding to it the snow theme, then cool it to a suitable temperature (typically 20 ... 25 minutes) and sprinkle with powdered sugar. I really do not, but how do you - decide.

And be sure of this apple charlotte brew fresh black or green tea, and always with a lemon. So it will be even tastier.
Enjoy your appetite.

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