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Cherry pie

Простой пирог с вишней
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This simple and yet very tasty cake (or biscuit, who gives a name more like it) with a cherry, without any qualms using my wife as a "sweet suck-up" to her husband. And it always works. And as if I was not angry at her, no matter how be angry about yesterday when I cook like a treat, I melt and forgive everything. And I can not help it, it does not try. 



But one day I spoke not as a lover of sweets, and the role of apprentices. And the lessons learned (as well as step by step photos and the most accurate recipe), I hasten to share with you. The more that make this cherry pie turned out very, very simple.
The first thing on the 170 ... 180 degree turn on the oven to heat up. At the same temperature, and we will prepare our cake with cherries.
By season I took a cherry in its own juice. Naturally pitted 400 grams will be enough. Fold it into a colander to fully juice stёk. You do not want to have our cherry pie "swam."
Простой пирог с вишней

If you choose frozen, then it will have to be thoroughly thawed, and if fresh - just use it as it is. But certainly pitted.
Softened, almost liquid butter (200 grams)
Простой пирог с вишней

mix with a glass of sugar and well vzobёm.
Простой пирог с вишней

Continuing to whisk (ordinary kitchen mixer suitable for this can be very useful), one introduce three large chicken eggs.
Простой пирог с вишней

You can even take four, but I just was not available.
Простой пирог с вишней

To this was added a tall glass of wheat flour (200 grams)
Простой пирог с вишней

and one teaspoon of baking powder. But if he was not at home, and the yard - late at night, do not need to run headlong into a convenience store for him. Pie will and without very good, though not as lush.
Вишневый пирог из песочного теста

So, all of this together whipped. Turned out quite thick, viscous mass.
Вишневый пирог из песочного теста

Baking dish with high edges (when baking a cake rise significantly) blanketed paper and lay out our dough.
Вишневый пирог из песочного теста

Uniformly fall asleep on top of cherries and remove baked in the oven on the middle shelf. We will cook it 30 ... 35 minutes, depending on the diameter and shape of your oven.
Вишневый пирог из песочного теста

Time slipped by unnoticed. We take out a cherry pie out of the oven, remove the form and remove the baking paper. We spread it on a plate to cool for five minutes ... seven.
Вишневый пирог из песочного теста

You can even sprinkle with powdered sugar to make the cake more of a party, but I just did not have it at home. However, and without it, this cherry pie is very, very tasty. And we have prepared it without any effort, "one left."
Вишневый пирог из песочного теста

One last tip: brew him a fresh black tea with lemon. With the simple addition of a cherry pie will be even tastier.
Enjoy your meal.

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