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Cheesy bread

Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото
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For many of us the concept of "cheesy bread" (not to be confused with cheese bread, it is consonant with, but quite another dish), associated with France. And I'm in it - is no exception. But preparing this cheesy bread for the first time, I tried one dish to please both sons immediately: heavenly love junior to all fresh and tasty baked goods and cheese just unreal adoration senior. And I got it. And now, as they say, on the heels, and I'll share their practical experiences with you. 



First, as for the preparation of any other bread and baked goods of all kinds, you knead the dough. It is fairly simple, and most of the components for him to eat in your kitchen.
600 grams of wheat flour (I took four and a half cups)
Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

mix with a glass of water. Do it better in a comfortable, roomy tank with a hemispherical bottom. So much easier to knead, because then gradually we add:
Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

50 grams of vegetable oil (any, on the final taste of the cheese bread slightly affect your preference)
Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

one egg,
Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

heaped teaspoon of common salt (where the same without it)
Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

small package (11 grams) of active yeast
Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

and 150 grams of sugar.
Сырный хлеб рецепт с фото

All very well and knead very carefully, and give to stand at room temperature for about half an hour.
Сырный хлеб в духовке

150 grams (I took more mindful fanatical love eldest son) hard cheese
Сырный хлеб в духовке

rubbed on the largest grater. Anyway when baking it is completely melted. 

Сырный хлеб в духовке

Add it to the batter and all together again knead well. Cheese bread dough ready.
Сырный хлеб в духовке

Short form (on a baking cheese bread would turn into a cheese cake) blanketed with baking paper and spread the dough into it. It should be well and evenly, especially in the corners, so the dough all the time tries to curl back into a shapeless lump. Hand it is better oiled, as the dough for this cheese bread is very sticky. So give him just stand in the kitchen for approximately half an hour ... about forty minutes.
Сырный хлеб в духовке

During this time, the dough has risen well and increased in volume by about two times.
Turn to 180 ... 190 degrees heat up the oven, and when it reaches that temperature, remove the middle shelf on our form.
Сырный хлеб в духовке

Bake about 45 minutes until the top crust will not be well browned. Not to be confused with blackened particles of cheese which will inevitably top. And do not open the oven door in any case. If baking our dough will increase even more in volume, and cheesy bread will become even more airy and delicate.
When the cheese bread is ready, remove it from the oven and remove from the mold. So the paper never stick. 15 ... 20 minutes bread must "forget" because he just needs to cool down a bit. After all, if it directly to slaughter, the cheesy bread simply will fall down, and while his top grease with vegetable oil. And though the taste of the cheese bread it Сырный хлеб в духовке

That's it, bon appetit.

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