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Cheesecake with berries

Пирог творожный с ягодами

Cottage Cheese. This dairy product I love, respect, and prepare various dishes from it often enough. So when I came across another recipe cheesecake with berries, I just made it. And you know, considering the simplicity and very interesting, rich taste, I will soon prepare it again, so to speak, "to consolidate the knowledge."

Peat pie

Peat pie

Frankly, when I saw the name of the recipe - peat cake, then immediately decided that it was a typo author, or a silly joke of his own. But when I read, and even saw the final picture (step by step in this recipe was not), the firm decided to prepare for the coming festive dinner.

Cheesecakes with apples recipe

Сырники с яблоками рецепт

Cooking these cheesecakes with apples, I pushed my sons: they are in love with this fruit, which is almost all year round, and the various options for the preparation of curd is also not indifferent. But it can not stand the classic cheese cakes with raisins, and simple "no nothing", they (and me too, it must be confessed), the procedure had enough. So today will prepare these tasty but very simple cheese cakes with apple.

Casserole with pumpkin and apples

Творожная запеканка с тыквой рецепт

All kinds of dishes from cottage cheese, I cook, and as a consequence - eat fairly regularly, and perhaps even often. And, as you know, all year round, since it has no season. You can not say about the other component - the pumpkin. While many experienced hostess at it with disdain answer that simply can not keep her, I, in general, then, and do not try. Therefore, when it is on sale - purchase, no - cook other dishes.

How to cook a pizza with seafood

Как приготовить пиццу с морепродуктами

Frankly, this pizza "Seafood Cocktail" I undertook to prepare not for himself, not for his wife, and not even for children. Just me had a couple of friends Welcome to the Whole, which cavity excluded from the diet of meat. And as pie with fish they pledged to bring along, you had to answer "from our table," they, too, something of a surprise.

Holiday bread

Хлеб праздничный

I do not know about you, but I was faced with the fact that not enough varieties of bread. No, even in the seedy gastronomchike near the house they are always five ... six varieties, and in specialized grain pavilions and tents account is already underway for dozens. But even with such an abundance of baked goods, I could not find what he wanted: a delicious, festive, but not Cakebread. And then the motto of all car tuners: can not buy - Build myself, I decided to use in your kitchen. 


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